Ox Notes: October 5, 2007

Two days after Hung won the third season of Top Chef, blog entries are filtering in to Bravo’s website. Tom Colicchio explains in his post how Casey could’ve saved her pork belly dish. Guest judge Rocco DiSpirito saved his real assessment of Dale’s lobster dish for the Village Voice.

TV Guide interviewed Hung after the finale, and Dale told the Chicago Tribune what chef Colicchio told him after the decision had been announced.

The New York Daily News asked one of Top Chef’s executive producers the question I’ve been wondering about: "Why are the chefs always over- or under-seasoning their food?"

And just when you thought you’d had your fill of TV food competitions, Food Network brings you The Next Iron Chef. Host Alton Brown gave TV Guide the scoop on why he didn’t enter the competition to replace Mario Batali’s vacated spot himself. The show premieres on Sunday, October 7 at 9 ET.

In an interview with the Des Moines Register, Helio Castroneves seems a little starstruck by his Dancing with the Stars competitors.

Police have gotten involved in the Danny Bonaduce Jonny-Fairplay-flinging incident, which, according to a bunch of hookers, was prompted by Fairplay’s excessive alcohol consumption.

Finally, Variety’s Brian Lowry offered an hilarious summary of the hook of the Fox Reality show There’s Something About Miriam, in which bachelors vie for the affection of a woman who, unbeknownst to them, is a pre-op transsexual: "…the show’s use of Miriam’s penis approximates the shark’s role in Jaws: Just knowing it’s lurking down there helps maintain a certain level of suspense."