Survivor China: Episode 3

Fei Long’s winning streak came to an end, and Sister Christian took the fall.

Christian-radio host Leslie started the episode confident in her position in the Fei Long tribe. After all, there’s no way she could be more annoying than pervy Jean-Robert, who rubs up against the younger women every night. "If we ever have to go to Tribal Council," she said, "at least we don’t have to worry about who it’ll be first."

The Reward Challenge gave Fei Long their first clue that Tribal Council might be in their future. In a floating version of the game King of the Hill, the contestants were divided by gender and had to force their opponents off a pier. The first team to win three rounds won the challenge.

Human action figure James had no trouble tossing the men of Zhan Hu into the water in the two rounds of men’s competition. But the women of Fei Long were no match for Jamie, Peih-Gee, and Sherea. And, since the women had gone first, Zhan Hu earned their first victory. They won some cushy blankets and pillows, and then nabbed Leslie as their kidnap victim.

At Zhan Hu camp, Leslie gave the next Hidden Immunity Idol clue to Jaime (who’d done the same for Leslie, last week). Then the gals spent the rest of the day swimmin’ and talkin’ Jesus with Erik, Peih-Gee, and Sherea.

Meanwhile, at Fei Long’s camp, Todd and Courtney overheard Jean-Robert and James hatching plans to get rid of Courtney and Leslie. James was only interested in eliminating Leslie, but Todd and Courtney considered him guilty by association, and they vowed to exact their revenge on him and Jean-Robert.

Later, Leslie returned to the Fei Long camp, gabbing that she’d met some fellow Christians at Zhan Hu. Aaron feared that Leslie had formed a Holy Alliance with members of the other tribe, and he decided to get rid of her in the event of a Fei Long loss at the Immunity Challenge.

Good thing Aaron was prepared.

In the challenge, four team members had to individually chop through a series of ropes to free some puzzle pieces, and then the last two members of the tribe would assemble the puzzle.

Courtney was the first member up for the Fei Long tribe. The easiest way to cut the ropes was by swinging the machete like you’d swing an axe to cut down a tree. But skinny Courtney could hardly even lift the machete. She’d previously joked, "I only weigh seven pounds," and not an ounce of that is muscle.

By the time Courtney finished — eventually sawing through her ropes — all four of the members of Zhan Hu had finished chopping, and Dave and Sherea were assembling their puzzle. The rest of the members of Fei Long made quick work of their ropes, but there was just no way to rebound from such a time deficit.

Courtney was pretty sure she’d be voted out after her poor performance in the challenge, but she and Leslie united to vote for Jean-Robert, if only to send him a warning about his loutish behavior.

Little did Courtney know that Aaron was pressuring teammates to off Leslie. Aaron made a convincing argument that Leslie was at least as weak as Courtney, and even more likely to switch teams than self-interested Jean-Robert. Plus, Jean-Robert was a valuable asset at challenges.

The 6-2 results of the vote at Tribal Council were a surprise to Leslie, who decided to frame her eviction as part of a Divine plan — and not simply the results of her teammates finding her untrustworthy.

Leslie’s post-show interview with TV Guide can be found here.