Ox Notes: October 9, 2007

TV Guide’s backstage report from last night’s Dancing with the Stars Performance Show chronicles the injuries of the show’s participants. And in People’s behind-the-scenes report, Cameron Mathison talks about what it’s like to dance with Edyta in front of his two wives: the real one and the TV one.

Jennie Garth posted in her blog this morning that she was happy with her Tango last night. But Len Goodman might retroactively dock her points once he finds out that Jennie twice referred to him as "Glen" in her post.

In other DwtS news, Jennie’s husband Peter Facinelli sends her "racy" text messages during practice. And Cameron’s All My Children costars have lots of opinions on how he’s doing on DwtS.

Online betting on Survivor: China has been suspended, after cast and crew members were caught placing bets on the show’s outcome.

Yahoo! TV has a slide show of new TV shows already in danger of being canceled.

Variety has another article about the looming writers’ strike, detailing exactly how it would affect Hollywood. If the writers do strike in November, low performing new shows could be canceled outright. A January writers’ strike would see new episodes run out in February. Either way, studios have already started preparing for the worst.

How will networks fill their time slots in the event of a strike? More reality and game shows.