DwtS 5, Week 3: Results

It was time for Wayne to hang up his dancing shoes, and Cheryl couldn’t have looked happier.

Drew Lachey started this Dancing with the Stars Results Show with some sad news: he’ll be replaced by Samantha Harris next week. You’ll be missed, Drew.

Then, the judges awarded their encore to Jennie & Derek for their gutsy Tango. It was a nice way to acknowledge Jennie’s triumph over her own self-doubt, even if the couple didn’t earn the judges’ highest scores.

Just to allow them to relax after having tough weeks, Jane & Tony and Jennie & Derek were told they were safe, as the show went to its first commercial break.

The show returned with the evening’s first performance. Seal sang his hit, "Kiss From a Rose," accompanied by professional pair Eddie Stutts & Valentina Weiss. The dancing was beautiful.

After that, it was time to hear what last night’s studio audience thought of the performances. Season 3 contestant Monique Coleman is enjoying this season’s girl power. Jerry O’Connell-Romijn-Stamos said, "When you’re international television stars like Fred [his Carpoolers costar] and myself, you have front row seats to this. And you could see in Jennie’s eyes, this girl was a girl on a mission."

Welcome to my world, Jerry.

Kathy at DwtS

Marie & Jonathan and Melanie & Maksim were then told that they were safe, too.

Drew then tried to interview Jennie & Derek and Helio & Julianne backstage, but soon gave up, as the rest of the cast tried to egg the Hough siblings into a fight.

The evening’s second performance was by Billy Ray Cyrus and his daughter, Miley. I was impressed with Miley, whose voice sounds a little like a young Dolly Parton. Maks & Karina danced during the song, executing some impressive lifts and tricks.

There was time for one more musical performance. Seal sang his new song, "Amazing," which, for me, fell a little short of its name. Four anonymous dancers dressed as Annie Lennox in the video for "Sweet Dreams" didn’t make the performance any better.

Following the performance, an interesting segment shed light on the DwtS band’s role on the show. Music Director Harold Wheeler gets the next week’s music immediately after the Results Show ends — at the same time as the dancing couples. The band has one week to learn all of those songs, plus anything they’ll be playing at the Results Show.

The first time they practice with the dancers is at the dress rehearsal, and then they only get ten minutes with each couple to correct any tempo issues. Wayne said that, of all the bands he’s worked with in his career, Wheeler’s "is truly the best there is."

After that segment, Tom threw things to the "lame duck fill-in host," who was backstage with Cameron, Mark, Wayne, and Helio." Drew replied, "Thank you, Father Time, for that wonderful throw." As the guys yelled, "Aw, snap!" Tom ran backstage, snuck up behind Drew and yelled, "I heard that!"

A second clip package followed, highlighting some of the ways the pros help their celebrities during their live performances. When Cameron’s chin drops, Edyta raises her own chin. Julianne opens her eyes wide if Helio’s slouching. And Cheryl always puts herself between Wayne and the judges for the difficult parts of their routines.

Finally, the last of the safe couples were announced: Sabrina & Mark, Cameron & Edyta, Helio & Julianne, and Mark & Kym. That left Wayne & Cheryl at the bottom, with Floyd & Karina.

Unlike most of the ousted pros, Cheryl was all smiles when she and Wayne were told their dancing days were over. Wayne, for his part, was disappointed he wouldn’t get to dance the Paso Doble next week — although it would’ve been his bad luck to be assigned the ridiculously fast Viennese Waltz.

Instead, Wayne & Cheryl had one last dance to the overused Daniel Powter anti-anthem, "Bad Day."