Ox Notes: October 10, 2007

People’s backstage report from the Dancing with the Stars Results Show details some of the audience-performer interaction at the taping. Tom Bergeron saved his best lactation humor for the TV Guide backstage report.

According to another People report from last night’s show, it took Floyd Mayweather, Jr. all of three weeks to become convinced that the judges are out to get him, as I predicted would happen before the season began.

Melanie Brown and Maksim Chmerkovskiy are heading to the U.K. so that she can film a video with the Spice Girls. Maks has a plan for what he’ll be doing during his down time: "David Beckham and I are going to get coffee while they’re shooting."

The Spice Girls are also the musical entertainment for this year’s televised Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Last night’s DwtS Results Show was watched by 16 million people, while Cavemen dropped 20% of its audience from last week.

One of my favorite new shows, Gossip Girl, became the first new show of the season to get picked up for a full season.

Classy, toothless Jonny Fairplay is suing Danny Bonaduce and everyone involved with the Fox Reality Awards for, among other things, "negligent supervision."

Speaking of classy things, I feel compelled to post this video of the worst song in the world (written and performed by the band Complete). And I’m not exaggerating. Never has a song so stupid in concept been performed so poorly. Be forewarned that, if you’re at work, your hysterical laughter may disrupt nearby coworkers.