Ox Notes: October 11, 2007

The networks have started placing orders for additional episodes of some of their new dramas, including Bionic Woman, Life, and Cane, among others.

People filed another report of Floyd Mayweather, Jr.’s negative comments about the DwtS judges, evidently hoping that it will become a full-fledged controversy. Floyd says he thinks his Jive deserved a 25 or 26 — a score which would’ve placed him above Helio on the leaderboard. Are Floyd and I watching the same show?

Monday night’s Dancing with the Stars Performance Show will be followed by the premiere of Samantha Who?, which I’m excited about because of its connections with Star Trek: Voyager. Tuvok has a recurring role of the show, and the pilot was directed by Lt. Tom Paris.

Chevy Chase’s stellar work impersonating Mel Gibson on Law & Order landed him a special appearance on Brothers & Sisters.

PopMatters has an extensive list of the best TV shows on DVD, which rightly mentions the Danish series The Kingdom — progenitor of the failed American series Kingdom Hospital — as one of the best examples of TV surrealism.

I’ll spend the rest of my day having Optimus Prime prank call my friends and family. Transformers, roll out!