DwtS 5, Week 7: Results

Jane & Tony were at the bottom of the judges’ leaderboard on Monday night, and the fans agreed with the judges. Dr. Quinn was the latest celebrity eliminated from Dancing with the Stars.

At the top of the show, Tom Bergeron explained that Marie Osmond’s father died this morning, and she was spending the evening with her family. To avoid dragging out the suspense, Samantha Harris announced that Marie & Jonathan were safe and would return to dance again next week.

Then it was time for the judges’ encore. Len Goodman said they wanted to see a repeat of "the dance of the season so far:" Mel & Maks’ Paso Doble.

The dance was followed by a performance by country star LeAnn Rimes. She sang her hit song, "How Do I Live," accompanied by Julianne & Tony, who included some nice tricks in their Rumba.

Then it was time for last night’s studio audience to comment on the performances. One slightly singed woman said of Helio: "I could feel the Brazilian fire coming out of him." Another woman said, "Jane should go home. It’s not about looking good. This is a dance competition."

After the commentary, Tom & Samantha announced that Cameron & Edyta wouldn’t be suffering a repeat trip to the Bottom Two this week; they were safe.

Kenny Mayne’s DanceCenter made its long overdue return next. With the help of Jerry Rice and Len Goodman, Kenny analyzed the prospects of Helio, Jane, and Jennie. Kenny’s blue eye shadow matched his iridescent blue shirt nicely.

The Macy’s Stars of Dance performance of the night was by a bunch of breakers known as the Rock Steady Crew. It was good if you’re into breakdancing, and I enjoyed the guy with the afro doing a solid impression of Rerun from What’s Happening.

Then LeAnn Rimes returned with a performance of her new song, "Nothing Better to Do." DwtS pros Cheryl, Kym, Anna, and Elena danced alongside some other female dancer — perhaps one of the pros from the tour.

DanceCenter followed that performance with their analysis of Mel, Cameron, and Marie, who Kenny said was the mother of 75 children.

A package of clips focused on the celebrities’ reactions to Sabrina’s elimination last week. Marie noted that, unlike previous seasons, the Bottom Two has been different each week: "I don’t see a pattern this year."

At long last, it was time to reveal the fates of the last four couples. Tom told Mel & Maks that they were safe, but Samantha told Jane & Tony they’d have to wait until after the commercial break to find out if they were as well.

When the show resumed, Tom said that they weren’t going to reveal a Bottom Two tonight. He had the judges offer advice to the remaining three celebrities, should they be saved by the fans’ votes.

Len told Helio: "You’re the driver. Julianne is the mechanic. Don’t get the two muddled up."

Bruno told Jane: "In the Latin section, she has to let go of this kind of ‘look and don’t touch.’ Become earthy and fiery — available. Let us have it!"

Carrie Ann told Jennie: "You’re blossoming into quite a beautiful dancer."

Then Samantha announced that Helio & Julianne were safe. Tom reminded the audience, "The two couples before you [Jane & Tony and Jennie & Derek] were not necessarily in the Bottom Two, but one of them did have the lowest total when we combined the judges’ score with your votes this week."

I suspect that Marie & Jonathan were the other couple in the Bottom Two, but the producers decided not add any tension to Marie’s already difficult evening.

Finally, Jane & Tony were told they’d been eliminated. Tom quickly ushered them onto the dance floor, where they danced to "Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone."