Ox Notes: November 7, 2007

Wispy Jane Seymour explained in TV Guide’s Backstage Report from last night’s Dancing with the Stars Results Show that the reason she always wore voluminous skirts on Dr. Quinn was because she thought she had chunky thighs and a big butt.

Jane writes in her blog that, thanks to DwtS, "I’m in better physical shape now than when I was sixteen." And even though she’s been eliminated from Dancing with the Stars, Jane isn’t through with ballroom yet. Tony Dovolani told People that he’s promised to continue giving Jane lessons when he’s in California.

Julianne Hough is denying rumors that she’s dating Entourage’s Kevin Connolly.

Cheryl Burke told People that her "brother-sister" relationship with Drew Lachey is presenting problems during rehearsal for the upcoming DwtS tour: "He tries to give his input but I remind him that I’m the ballroom dancer and he’s the boybander."

Production on several TV shows was brought to a halt when their actors and showrunners joined striking writers on the picket lines. But don’t get the wrong idea from these photos of Eva Longoria buying pizzas for the strikers. She went to work on Desperate Housewives and then bought the pizzas out of guilt. The pies were greeted with chants of "No justice, no pizza!"

In preparation for a prolonged strike, CBS is looking to bring Big Brother back in the spring instead of waiting until the summer.

And Dog the Bounty Hunter isn’t doing himself any favors by trying to explain his recorded racist rant. In an interview on Fox News, Dog said, "I have used the word for a long time not to mean what it does to a lot of black people that are offended." Sorry, blanco niño. You don’t get to decide when the N-word is offensive and when it’s not.