Ox Notes: November 16, 2007

Marie Osmond wrote at her blog that her partner, Jonathan Roberts, had a root canal hours before Monday night’s Dancing with the Stars Performance Show.

In other DwtS health news, Wayne Newton told People that he won’t be dancing at the DwtS Finale due to a heart condition.

More news from Monday night’s Performance Show: Julianne Hough was wearing a diamond ring given to her by Entourage’s Kevin Connolly, although Julianne still insists that they’re "just friends." Assuming that’s true, I am establishing the Friends of Kevin Connolly organization for anyone else interested in scoring some nice jewelry.

TV Guide has an interview with Kate & Pat, the clergy couple recently eliminated from The Amazing Race. Kate’s least favorite moment on the race was falling into the water during the ditch vault: "I’m not sure there wasn’t poo in there."

CMT is looking for aspiring singers to appear on their new show, Can You Duet? Greg and I do a killer rendition of "You Don’t Bring Me Flowers," only I sing as Neil Diamond and Greg does his best Barbra Streisand impression.

With no scripts left to shoot, NBC has suspended contracts for actors on several series, including The Office and Bionic Woman. The other networks plan to decide what to do with their actors in the coming days.

Writer-producer Carlton Cuse crossed picket lines to resume his production duties on Lost, wrapping up the eight episodes that have already been shot.

Representatives for several late night talk shows are supposedly having secret discussions about returning to work. One rep told Variety, "Nobody wants to be the first to go back."

Finally, there are fears in Hollywood that awards shows like the Emmys and Oscars will have to make major adjustments without any writers to script awkward banter for the award presenters. Would that really be such a bad thing?