TAR 12: Episode 3

Marianna & Julia found out the hard way that, on The Amazing Race, a good deed never goes unpunished.

Teams flew from The Netherlands to Burkina Faso, specifically the hard-to-pronounce city of Ouagadougou. As teams rode in cabs from the Ouagadougou airport to the local train station, blondes Shana & Jennifer speculated that they were really being taken "to be sold to people…for money."

Teams spent the night at the train station, and Julia & Marianna danced to the music of some local musicians. 68-year-old Don watched approvingly, saying of the sisters, "They’re feisty. They’re hot. A little bitchy, but not bad. A guy could learn to live with it."

In the morning, all the teams caught the same train to Bingo, located somewhere in the middle of nowhere. There, they faced a Roadblock in which one team member had to get a bowlful of milk from a camel, and then drink the milk.

The instructions warned: Be mindful that camels are sensitive to fast movements and loud noises. That didn’t stop Lorena from crying and screaming to Jason, "Baby, there’s no more MILK!" when her camel wasn’t productive enough.

Other contestants fared better, and TK was first to finish milking his camel. He gagged as he drank the milk, saying, "It was a little grainy, and a little sweet and warm." He and partner Rachel received a clue telling them to lead four camels across the savannah to a group of Tuareg nomads.

TK & Rachel were followed closely by Nick & Don, Ronald & Christina, Kynt & Vyxsin, and Jennifer & Nathan.

At that point, the remaining Roadblock teams’ camels were running dry. Azaria spoke up and requested a new camel, and he and Hendekea were able to catch up to the lead pack.

When the teams turned in their four camels, they got a clue that directed them to a nearby school. There, they had a choice of Detour tasks: Learn It or Teach It. In Learn It, they had to memorize ten words in the local language, More. In Teach It, teams had to teach a young student ten words in English.

To many teams, Teach It seemed the easier task. However, many of the multisyllabic words on the list — skyscraper, television, cowboy, and helicopter — were not only hard to pronounce, but also objects not commonly seen on the Burkina Faso savanna.

Azaria & Hendekea, on the other hand, figured out the easiest way to finish Learn It. They each learned five of the words, lightening the workload while ensuring greater accuracy. Despite arriving at the task in sixth place, the brother and sister team was the first team to finish.

They ran through a spooky savanna rainstorm to the Pit Stop on the outskirts of a tribal village. There, Phil informed the siblings that they’d won another romantic vacation for two, this time to Bermuda.

The next five teams finished at approximately the same time, and they all arrived at the Pit Stop within minutes of each other. Ronald & Christina’s speed was limited somewhat because of a Ronald had suffered a hernia at the end of the previous leg of the race.

Back at the camel-milking Roadblock, all of the remaining milkers had switched to more productive camels. Shana & Jennifer were the next pair finished, and they reached the Pit Stop in seventh place.

Julia was next to finish milking her camel, leaving Lorena in last place. Lorena’s camel kicked the bowl full of milk, spilling the contents for the umpteenth time, and Lorena fell to her knees and cried.

As Marianna & Julia led their camels toward the school, Julia advised Lorena to find a camel with a baby next to it, as that one would certainly have milk.

Julia’s suggestion was correct, and Lorena soon finished the task. After Lorena sobbed briefly in Jason’s arms, the pair grabbed their camels and ran toward the school. Marianna and Julia were adhering to the suggestion in the Roadblock clue that camels were "sensitive to fast movement." As they walked their charges to the Detour, Jason & Lorena soon caught up.

At the school, both teams chose Learn It, but Lorena & Jason finished first. Marianna & Julia arrived at the Pit Stop in last place, where they were eliminated.

Next time, the teams dance in front of the African versions of Carrie Ann, Len, and Bruno, and Shana & Jennifer do something that ticks off Lorena & Jason.