Ox Notes: December 5, 2007

Zap2It explains some of the revenue sharing proposals being negotiated in the current round of talks aimed at ending the strike, which just claimed the staff of Jimmy Kimmel Live as its latest casualties. Fans of Guillermo the Parking Attendant needn’t worry: Jimmy is picking up the tab for his staff’s salaries.

As scripted programming runs thin, CBS may turn to its sister channel, Showtime, for help. The network is considering running episodes of the cable hits Dexter and The Tudors in its empty time slots.

The Hollywood Reporter has a list of products Donald Trump will be hawking on his celebrity edition of The Apprentice. One of the products is Dial Yogurt Body Wash, which sounds thoroughly unappetizing.

To help promote the new season of The Wire, HBO released three short prequels to provide backstory on some of the major characters.

Jen, one of the blonde pals recently eliminated from The Amazing Race, is throwing her name out as an aspiring Dancing with the Stars contestant. You’re a dozen Bachelors short and four seasons too late for that, Jen.

For anyone interested in how a pilot makes it from page to screen, Kathy Lyford of Variety recommends the 2006 comedy The TV Set. According to the industry folk Lyford watched it with, the movie is surprisingly accurate about the process, while still being funny. Plus, it stars David Duchovny.

Greg and I are taking the rest of the week off to visit our niece and nephew (and their parents) in Seattle. See you next week!