Survivor China: Episode 11

In this week’s Reward Challenge, the contestants’ loved ones came to visit — and participate. Each Survivor and his or her sibling/spouse/parent had to navigate a maze while blindfolded. The winning team would be the pair that first found one another in the center of the maze.

Though Amanda and her sister seemed to be doing well — making various bird calls to echolocate each other — it was ultimately Denise and her husband who won the challenge.

For the victory, Denise and her hubby earned a feast on a touring boat. Denise was also given the power to choose two other Survivors (and their partners) to partake. After Peih-Gee had invited Denise on the cool Shaolin temple reward last episode, she and her father seemed like a lock to be invited. But, instead, Denise picked Todd, Amanda, and their respective sisters.

A spurned Peih-Gee focused her rage into action at the Immunity Challenge, which integrated a muddy obstacle course and Chinese trivia. Though Todd was fastest to navigate the course, he screwed up one of his trivia questions, and Peih-Gee won the Challenge. Before the merge, Peih-Gee’s tribe never won anything. But she’s been on a tear lately, winning an Immunity or Reward Challenge in each of the last three weeks.

After the challenge, Erik and Peih-Gee tried to convince Denise that, since she seemed destined for fourth place in her current alliance (with Todd, Amanda, and Courtney), her best bet was to join the two of them in a new three person alliance. Instead of the inevitability of Erik being voted out at Tribal Council, the trio could force a 3-3 tie.

The plan made sense, but Denise stuck with her initial alliance, and Erik was sent home. Enjoy fourth place, Denise. Fifth, if Peih-Gee wins Immunity again next week.