TAR 12: Episode 6

The Amazing Race 12 was turned on its head in Croatia, as two favorites were sent home and an unlikely powerhouse duo finished in first.

The finish order for this leg of the race was decided largely in airports, as teams tried to book flights to Dubrovnik, Croatia, from Vilnius International Airport.

TK & Rachel and Nick & Don got on the first flight out, but they missed their connecting flight in Prague. There, they caught alternative flights to Croatia, though they’d be delayed several hours.

Back in Vilnius, Azaria was so busy haranguing Hendekea that neither of them noticed that their ticket agent had booked them in business class — violating one of the rules of TAR — until they tried to board the plane with the other three teams.

Azaria & Hendekea ran back to the ticket agent, but they weren’t able to switch tickets in time. They wound up on the last flight scheduled to arrive in Dubrovnik.

Meanwhile, Ronald & Christina, Nate & Jen and Kynt & Vyxsin played it safe — and smart — catching a flight that arrived quickly and allowed them plenty of time to make their connection in Warsaw. Ron & Christine managed to stay stay calm after arriving in Croatia, and they finished a rock-stacking Roadblock before the other teams had even found the first clue.

The father-daughter duo was rowing a boat through the harbor as part of the Detour when Nate & Jen made a move to catch up. But their haste only caused friction between the dating couple, prompting Jen to tell Nate as they rowed, "I hate you with a passion."

Both pairs emerged from the sea at nearly the same time, but Nate & Jen’s clothes were wet and no taxis would drive them to the location of the Pit Stop. Ronald & Christina and their dry clothes zipped by Nate & Jen in a taxi, leaving Jen crying and ranting along the roadside, blaming everything that had gone wrong that day on Nate.

Ronald & Christina ran up some stairs flanked by costumed soldiers holding muskets on their way to the finish mat. When they reached the top stair, one of the soldiers fired his musket, prompting both team members to shriek and duck. The musket was fired every time a team approached the mat, always with the same results.

Ronald & Christina finished in first place, winning a 12-foot catamaran that’s probably already available for purchase on Ebay.

Rather than waiting for their clothes to dry, Nate & Jen asked a friendly driver if he would take them to the nearby Pit Stop, even though he wasn’t officially a cabbie. They ignored a rule in the clue that stated that they must reach the Pit Stop by taxi.

They reached the mat in second place, only to be told by host Phil Keoghan that they needed to go back to the clue box and find a cab to bring them back up to the Pit Stop.

When they reached the mat the second time, Nate & Jen learned that Kynt & Vxysin had checked in while they were redoing the task, and that they were now in third place. Instead of hugging, Jen shook Nate’s hand in congratulations, which was a pretty clear signal that the two had not made up from their earlier fight.

TK & Rachel arrived in Croatia next, and they finished in fourth place. They were followed by Nick & Don, and Azaria & Hendekea. While the brother and sister were in sight of the Nick & Don during the rowing part of the Detour, they weren’t able to close the gap.

Nick & Don finished in fifth place, and Azaria & Hendekea were eliminated. They may not be $1 million richer, but at least the siblings can enjoy those romantic vacations they won together.

The Amazing Race will be off next week due to the Survivor: China finale.