Ox Notes: February 5, 2008

According to TV Guide, the WGA is set to review the terms of the new contract on Saturday. George Clooney is optimistic that the strike will be over soon.

In other news of unfair employment practices, there’s reason to believe that Montel Williams’ talk show was canceled after he suggested during an appearance on Fox and Friends that the media should spend less time talking about Heath Ledger and more time talking about U.S. soldiers who’ve died in Iraq.

I’m having trouble fathoming that the Super Bowl averaged nearly 100 million viewers.

While it didn’t draw near the number of viewers as the Super Bowl, Survivor: China’s strong ratings helped save the series from cancellation.

The Travel Channel is holding a contest where fans of No Reservations can win the chance to travel with Anthony Bourdain for a special episode of the show.

I’m going to have to start watching Stargate Atlantis now that The Doctor from Star Trek: Voyager has joined the cast.

ABC announced that the next Bachelor is a British guy named Matt Grant. Why couldn’t they have found someone with a more British sounding first name, like Basil or Alastair?