Ox Notes: February 6, 2008

PBS.org posted a list of couples competing in the American Rhythm division on tonight’s episode of America’s Ballroom Challenge. A pair of Dancing with the Stars pros is scheduled to perform an exhibition routine.

Given how careful politicians have to be when mingling with Hollywood folk, I’m guessing Hillary Clinton won’t accept this invitation to dance at one of the remaining DwtS Tour shows.

Craig Ferguson has been tapped to entertain at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner, just weeks after becoming an American citizen.

Comedy Central announced that it plans to roast Willie Nelson. Expect lots of jokes about weed and tax evasion.

As part of its new development strategy, NBC has skipped filming a pilot for Kath & Kim, and instead picked up the series for six episodes.

So You Think You Can Dance’s Cat Deeley will host Lifetime’s new dating show, The Big Match.

CBS announced the cast for the new season of Big Brother, which will feature a twist. Each contestant will be paired with another contestant the network has deemed their "soul mate." The pairs will sleep in the same bed and compete together, and be eliminated together as well.

All but one of the contestants are in their twenties, with the lone exception being a 45-year-old single mom. Nice of the producers to humiliate both the mom and the man she’s paired with, who’ll no doubt be confused as to why he wasn’t paired with a young, childless vixen.