Ox Notes: February 12, 2008

TV Guide has a report from the last stop on the Dancing with the Stars Tour. Thanks to MOIB reader Notaverygoodfan for providing a link to an ET article debunking the rumor that Sean Hayes will join the Season 6 cast.

Now that showrunners have gone back to work, networks are announcing their plans for the rest of the season. USA Today got the scoop from several showrunners on why certain decisions — such as holding new episodes of 24 until early 2009 — were made.

CBS is waiting to see how quickly its scripted shows can get back on air, and if the turn around is fast, Big Brother 9 may only get eight episodes. The new season, which debuts tonight, features contestants competing in pairs. If the network needs the extra episodes, the couples will be split up at some point and forced to compete individually.

The New York Post explains how another of CBS’s strike-filler shows, Dexter, is being made suitable for network TV.

Even though American writers are ready to go back to work, that hasn’t stopped networks from importing show concepts from Britain.

To celebrate the 20th season of The Real World, MTV is asking viewers to vote online for their favorite cast members. The voting results will be announced during a televised awards show/roast, during which the former cast members in attendance will get drunk and make asses of themselves.