Ox Notes: February 13, 2008

Finally, the strike is officially over. Saturday Night Live will be the first scripted network show to feature a new episode,when it returns to the air on February 23.

The return of the writers isn’t necessarily good news for every series. While CBS ordered more episodes of Shark and Rules of Engagement, ABC has put the brakes on Women’s Murder Club and Big Shots.

Meanwhile, E! is giving Denise Richards her own reality show.

The CW is keeping Smallville‘s Green Arrow (Justin Hartley) on retainer.

Send your sweetheart a Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, or Ugly Betty e-card for Valentine’s Day.

I don’t know why it’s taken so long, but Fox is finally bringing the game show Hole in the Wall to the US. Regular YouTube users already know this Japanese game show by its nickname, Human Tetris. I confess that nothing makes me laugh as hard as these videos.