America’s Ballroom Challenge 3: International Standard

International Standard is always one of my favorites rounds on America’s Ballroom Challenge, and this season’s competition didn’t disappoint.

The costumes worn during the group dance round were classically glamorous, and they added to the drama of the couples nearly crashing into each other at every turn. Arunas Bizokas & Katusha Demidova won the group dance round.

For the showdance round, most of the couples steered clear of traditional standard routines, opting instead for combinations of standard and Latin moves. After Mikhail Avdeev & Anastasia Muravyeva’s performance in Shrek costumes, Ron Montez muttered, "Oh, boy. That was something different, for sure."

All of the performances were good, although I think the judges were generous in rewarding the Shrek routine 4th place. But it was Arunas & Katusha’s elegant performance to "Rhapsody in Blue" that won the showdance round. They’ll compete in the grand finale in two weeks.

All of this episode’s exhibition dances were enjoyable, too. Jasmine Guy was especially impressed with Maxim Kozhevnikov & Yuk Chun: "Oh, he’s hot. Yeah, I like him."

Next week’s penultimate episode is the International Latin competition.