Ox Notes: April 3, 2008

Yesterday, NBC announced plans for its primetime schedule covering Fall 2008 through Summer 2009. The proposed schedule can be viewed in grid form here.

Survivor: Micronesia returns to its regular timeslot tonight. Host Jeff Probst recently revealed that he and Survivor: Vanuatu contestant Julie Berry are no longer dating.

Also on the tube tonight is the premiere of dance competition show Step It Up and Dance on Bravo at 11 ET, which is past my bedtime.

Catching up on news about this week’s Dancing with the Stars Results Show, which was seen by 16.9 million viewers, People has a backstage report. In her video report for Access Hollywood, Mel B sussed out that Marlee Matlin will dance the Viennese Waltz next week, while Marissa Jaret Winokur will Paso Doble.

DwtS Season 1 contestant John O’Hurley has signed on to host CBS’s Secret Talents of the Stars, which means he won’t be hosting the primetime celebrity version of Family Feud that NBC is developing. That job will likely go to Al Roker.

Smallville creators Al Gough and Miles Millar made the surprising announcement that they will leave the series at the end of this season. The CW has already renewed the show for an eighth season.

I’ve been frustrated with the direction the show’s taken in the last few seasons, as new cast members and assorted threats to humanity pulled the focus away from Clark’s relationships with Lana, Chloe, and Lex. The fact that Lex and Clark have been fighting for the better part of two seasons, and yet the Luthor Mansion security guards always let Clark in so that he can insult Lex before inevitably asking for his help, is one example of the lazy storytelling that plagues the show.

If the CW proceeds with an eighth season, it had better be the last. Just kill off Lana so that Clark and Lex can blame each other for her death and we can get on with things, already.