Ox Notes: April 4, 2008

If you watch anything on TV tonight, make sure it’s Countdown on MSNBC at 8 or 10 ET. Rachel Maddow is filling in as host, and she’s the best political analyst on TV right now. Unlike most pundits, who are career journalists or ex-politicians, Rachel is a Rhodes Scholar with a PhD in Political Science. And on top of those credentials, she’s funny.

Another show to watch this weekend is one of MTV’s many reruns of Rock the Cradle. I caught the show this morning and was impressed by the quality of singing from the celebrity offspring. Plus it was amusing to see Olivia Newton-John sitting in the audience next to Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider, as though they’re watching their kids sing in a high school choir concert.

Dee’s son, Jesse Blaze Snider, is a professional comic book writer, as well as an aspiring musician.

Paul Mirkovich and Rafael Moreira of the Rockstar: INXS house band are in the Rock the Cradle house band.

One show I plan to catch in weekend reruns on Bravo is Step It Up and Dance, which MOIB reader Beto said was worth watching. Do the rest of you who saw it agree? Zap2It has a recap of last night’s premiere.

Al Pacino says he hopes to follow in his pal George Hamilton’s footsteps and compete on Dancing with the Stars — if only to lose a little weight.

Former DwtS contestant Joey McIntyre is reuniting with New Kids on the Block for a tour.

In other unnecessary ’80s throwback news, someone is remaking the film Short Circuit. Good thing Steve Guttenberg’s available.