Ox Notes: April 7, 2008

Today’s all Dancing with the Stars edition of Ox Notes starts with a personal story. While I was home watching TV on Friday night, the last person I expected to call me on the phone was Tom Bergeron.

Friday night in San Francisco, Cheryl Burke celebrated the opening of her new studio, Cheryl Burke Dance. Several DwtS cast members, including Cristian de la Fuente and Tom Bergeron, attended the opening, as did MOIB contributor, Imee.

Before the party, I asked Imee to touch Tom Bergeron on my behalf, and she used this as an opening to approach the DwtS ringmaster. Imee took things a step further and asked Tom to give me a call. Excited at the chance to talk on Imee’s pink-sleeved Blackberry, Tom pulled Imee outside and gave me a ring.

Back in Illinois, I answered the phone and hear, "Hi, Kathy. This is Tom Bergeron. Why aren’t you at the party?" I manage to keep my cool and say I lost my plane ticket when ATA filed bankruptcy. Tom answered, "Lost your plane ticket. You don’t know how many women have given me that excuse in my life."

We chatted for another minute or so, and I made sure to tell Tom that he’s the best part of Dancing with the Stars. According to Imee, many people at the party told him the same thing. Also according to Imee, Cristian de la Fuenta is very handsome in person.

So big thanks to Imee for making my weekend, and giving me a great story to tell. Now, on to news.

Poor Cristian was recently subjected to shopping with the Insider’s Cojo for a dress for his mom, who flew in from Chile to attend tonight’s show.

During tonight’s Performance Show, Kristi Yamaguchi and Mario will both dance the Paso Doble. Be warned, Mario’s Paso song is Stevie Wonder’s "Higher Ground."

According to TV Guide’s latest Power Rankings, Marissa Jaret Winokur has a 0.2% chance of winning DwtS.

After three seasons of competing in America without winning a trophy, the powers behind the Australian version of Dancing with the Stars are trying to woo Kym Johnson back to her homeland.

Former DwtS contestants Joey Fatone and Mel B have signed on to host a singing competition on TLC.