DwtS 7, Week 5: Performances

The dance styles might’ve been new to Dancing with the Stars, but things stayed the same on the leaderboard.

While the idea of introducing four new dance styles to the show was an interesting one, the execution fell flat (for the most part) because the styles weren’t demonstrated in advance. I don’t know the technical rules for a Hustle or West Coast Swing, so I’m not sure if what I saw was good.

All I know is that the Jitterbug is cool, and I wish that all of the couples would’ve gotten the chance to perform it.

Lance Bass & Lacey Schwimmer — West Coast Swing
Lacey is a world champion in West Coast Swing, but this wasn’t a world champion-caliber routine. To make things worse, Lance fell during the performance. Len Goodman told Lacey to "show off your partner a little bit more." Bruno Tonioli reminded her, "It’s not Dance Around the Stars." Carrie Ann Inaba agreed with the other judges.

Judges’ Scores: Carrie Ann…7, Len…7, Bruno…7 = 21/30

Toni Braxton & Alec Mazo — West Coast Swing
This performance felt slow, and the tired Michael Jackson moves didn’t help. Bruno told Toni, "When you want to, you can actually deliver." Carrie Ann said Toni was "overdancing it." Len said, "Your potential is huge, and we’re just not seeing it."

Judges’ Scores: Carrie Ann…7, Len…7, Bruno…8 = 22/30

Susan Lucci & Tony Dovolani — Hustle
This performance also felt slow, perhaps because Susan has two broken bones in her foot. Carrie Ann said, "I didn’t see an ounce of pain out there." Len told Tony, "You’re treating Susan like a china doll. Get out there and wow me." Bruno called the dance an "uptown girl hustle."

Judges’ Scores: Carrie Ann…7, Len…7, Bruno…8 = 22/30

Warren Sapp & Kym Johnson — Hustle
Kym was the first choreographer to really take advantage of the fact that they could do lifts this week. Len cheered, "It was great!" Bruno said, "That’s a guy who really knows how to funk," and offered a bunch of sexual metaphors that probably had the censors wishing they’d pressed the button. Carrie Ann said, "You tapped into the nostalgia. Disco’s such a nostalgic dance."

Judges’ Scores: Carrie Ann…8, Len…8, Bruno…9 = 25/30

Cloris Leachman & Corky Ballas — Salsa
Not terrible, not great, but kudos to Cloris for dancing in high heels at age 82. Bruno said, "The old girl can still turn a trick." Carrie Ann told Cloris, "I love you." Len said, "You were hotter than a chili pepper."

Judges’ Scores: Carrie Ann…7, Len…7, Bruno…7 = 21/30

Maurice Greene & Cheryl Burke — Salsa
This was Maurice’s best performance yet. Carrie Ann hugged Maurice. Len said, "You came out full bore and gave it your all." Bruno told Maurice, "You were like a master of theater tonight."

Judges’ Scores: Carrie Ann…9, Len…9, Bruno…9 = 27/30

Brooke Burke & Derek Hough — Jitterbug
Derek had to look up Jitterbug instructions on the Internet, but he and his reliable celeb partner, Brooke, delivered again. Len said, "You are consistently tops." Bruno called the performance "vigorous" and "upbeat." Carrie Ann asked, "Can I nitpick?" Brooke replied, "Yes, please," but Carrie Ann said, "I can’t! That was amazing!"

Judges’ Scores: Carrie Ann…10, Len…9, Bruno…10 = 29/30

Cody Linley & Julianne Hough — Jitterbug
Their fun performance proved that everyone should’ve danced the Jitterbug tonight. Bruno said, "The frantic energy was incredible." Carrie Ann told Cody, "That was the perfect dance for you." Len said, "I liked it very much."

Judges’ Scores: Carrie Ann…10, Len…9, Bruno…9 = 28/30

Judges’ Leaderboard:
29 — Brooke & Derek
28 — Cody & Julianne
27 — Maurice & Cheryl
25 — Warren & Kym
22 — Toni & Alec, Susan & Tony
21 — Lance & Lacey, Cloris & Corky

As always, I’ve gotta give some of my votes to the leaders, Brooke & Derek. But Cody was a real surprise tonight. He got the right dance style, and he took advantage of it.

Cloris & Corky will undoubtedly be back in the Bottom Two this week, but who will join them? My hunch is that Lance & Lacey will skate by, and that Toni & Alec will join Cloris & Corky. But, for her own sake, I hope Susan goes soon, so that she can heal her injured foot.