Ox Notes: October 20, 2008

In Dancing with the Stars 7 news, Lance Bass did interviews with The New York Daily News and Entertainment Tonight. And Toni Braxton put out an APB on her disappearing butt.

Recently ousted Survivor: Gabon contestant GC told People and Reality Blurred that he didn’t exactly quit, he just made it clear that he was sick of playing. After going without food and sleep for more than ten days, I probably would’ve done the same.

The New York Times has a lengthy article about Survivor, which wins its timeslot every season, even though its been losing viewers.

Survivor host Jeff Probst is working on a new show for CBS called Live Like You’re Dying, which will feature terminally ill people living out their dreams. Probst promises that the show won’t be depressing, but I think I’ll pass on it, just in case.