Ox Notes: July 9, 2009

I enjoyed last night’s episode of Top Chef Masters, but I was less intrigued by the food than I was by the venue where they held the tasting: The Magic Castle in Los Angeles. I’d be bummed that I can’t get in, but I don’t own anything that meets the club’s dress code anyway.

Bravo revealed the identities of the Top Chef Las Vegas contestants. The new season premieres on August 26.

Lifetime introduced the contestants for its first season of Project Runway, which starts August 20.

After only one episode, NBC booted the reality show The Great American Road Trip from Tuesdays to Monday nights at 8 ET, in favor of a rerun of America’s Got Talent.

My beloved Harper’s Island comes to a close this Saturday night with two back-to-back episodes starting at 9 ET on CBS. Voters in an EW poll overwhelmingly chose 9-year-old Madison as the character they’d most like to see get whacked before the end.

WFMU.org has a great video compilation of one-liners from ’80s action movies, including clips from my dad’s favorite movie to quote, Hard to Kill. The creation of the video was inspired by the writer’s viewing of Commando. I watched it recently, too, and man, oh, man is that a good movie.

AMC will air Commando on July 21 and 22, so mark your calendar accordingly. Until then, here’s a clip from the movie, featuring my brother’s favorite character actor, David Patrick Kelly: