Ox Notes: July 14, 2009

I have to start by acknowledging the end of my beloved Harper’s Island.

Okay, it wasn’t the best show ever, but it delivered on its promise. It proposed to be a creepy serial killer mystery that wrapped up in exactly 13 episodes, without the typical the-killer-might-not-really-be-dead-at-the-end-of-the-season gimmick that creators use in hopes of getting a second season. The show did what it set out to do, and it was fun — and occasionally touching — along the way.

Zap2It recapped the final two episodes, making an apt comparison to the way The Lord of the Rings film series ended. EW posted some thoughts on the finale and confirmed that there is no chance the show will be back for a second season. Show producer Karim Zreik blogged about the finale for Television Without Pity.

TV Guide posted an interview with Harper’s Island‘s Sully just before the finale aired. And if you’re a real geek like me, check out these FearNet interviews with cast members, which were conducted after their characters died. The producers kept the cast in the dark and didn’t tell them until right before they were going to get killed off. Heck, John Wakefield’s copycat killer didn’t even know he/she (don’t want to spoil!) was a murderer until halfway through filming.

Moving on…

Horrifying Dancing with the Stars news: Michael Flatley may take over Len Goodman’s spot at the judges’ table for Season 9. A cardboard cut-out of Len would have more interesting things to say than Flatley.

ET ambushed Julianne Hough in a drugstore to ask her about the Footloose remake.

Rumor is that Survivor 20 will feature heroes and villains from past seasons. I always think the villains are the real heroes, so I know which crew I’ll be supporting. Season 1 winner Richard Hatch was invited to participate, but a judge won’t let him.

In other reunion news, Lifetime is gathering past Project Runway contestants together for an all-star competition.

Ryan Seacrest just signed a contract to host three more seasons of American Idol for $45 million.

Billy Mays commercials won’t be going away anytime soon. A new commercial the deceased pitchman shot for Mighty Tape debuts on July 20.

The latest Harry Potter movie debuts tomorrow, so Daniel Radcliffe has been making the talk show rounds. EW thoughtfully compiled a set of clips of his recent appearances to satisfy those of us who harbor inappropriate crushes on the boy wizard.