Ox Notes: July 16, 2009

Emmy nominations were announced this morning, including a nod to the best host in the biz, Tom Bergeron.

In other Dancing with the Stars news, the show is being sued by a couple of disabled men after a cameraman threatened to run over their service dog at a show taping.

There’s no DwtS Tour this summer, but you can catch "Shawn Johnson and Friends: An Evening of Music, Dance and Shawn" in Des Moines, Iowa on July 26. Gilles Marini, Cheryl Burke, Steve-O, Kristi Yamaguchi and The Ballas Hough Band are all scheduled to appear.

Fans of I Survived a Japanese Game Show can get the inside scoop on the show from Executive Producer Kent Weed at his MSN blog.

EW graded the outfits So You Think You Can Dance host Cat Deeley has worn this season.

Speaking of outfits, actress Mayim Bialik talked to Starpulse about what it was like to be made over on What Not to Wear.

British judge Toby Young promised to tone it down a bit for the sixth season of Top Chef.

Lifetime revealed the identities of the models appearing in the new season of Project Runway. The gals also get their own show this season, called Models of the Runway. It’s about time someone showed the models some respect for putting up with those crazy PR contestants.

Harper’s Island stars Elaine Cassidy and Christopher Gorham spoke with TV Guide about the series finale.

MSN featured a couple of interesting lists recently: TV’s Best Shows About Showbiz and Best and Worst Travel Shows. Kudos to the "Travel Shows" author for saying of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives host Guy Fieri: "When the most interesting part of your personality is your spiky bleach-blond hair, it’s time to relinquish your hosting duties."

Last week, MOIB reader Jen C and I couldn’t stop commenting about how goofy we thought it was for The Sci-Fi Channel to change it’s name to SyFy. Network exec Michael Engleman offered the silliest rationale for the name change to date: "The Y’s feel like they’re smiling at you."