Survivor Fiji: Episode 5

Even though Moto continues to dominate challenges — and Ravu finds
innovative ways to lose — the tribes may be more similar than they
might appear. All the men of Survivor: Fiji have one thing in common: they can’t stand the women.

episode started with another lopsided Reward Challenge, in which Moto
demolished Ravu. Members of each tribe faced off in sumo-style matches,
using a padded bolster to push their opponents out of the ring.

matched up with an opponent of the same gender for the first six
matches. Yau Man and Stacy were the last competitors for their teams
and had to face off against each other. It was the only match that Ravu
won, and Yau Man received tepid applause from his teammates.

claimed the spoils of victory: more fishing gear, a pot full of
potatoes, a basket of toiletries, and a tray of equipment for brewing
coffee. They also sent Earl to Exile Island.

It was back at camp
that the first real social rifts in Moto were exposed. Dreamz didn’t
know how to use a French press to make coffee, and because he wasn’t a
part of her alliance, Stacy wouldn’t tell him. She and Lisi almost went
out of their way to be rude to Dreamz. (They didn’t show Cassandra how
to use the press, either, so she was also stuck sipping coffee grounds.)

pulled Stacy aside and tried to explain why it was in the alliance’s
best interests to keep outcasts Dreamz and Cassandra happy. Assuming
that the teams are to merge when there are ten survivors left, if Moto
won every challenge until then, the balance of power would be 7-3.

Dreamz and Cassandra defect — or as Alex put it, “deflect” — to Ravu,
the teams would be tied at 5-5. Moto would lose the advantage it had
worked so hard to earn from its run of challenge victories.

was not convinced by Alex’s logic, and she planned to continue being
rude to Dreamz and Cassandra. So did Lisi. So did Boo.

Alex sat
on a hill screaming, “Kill me! Kill me! God, kill me now!” after his
words failed to sink in with his foolish alliance members. Only Edgardo
agreed with Alex, but stupidity still ruled the alliance, 3-2.

men of Ravu were similarly suffering at their camp. Anthony, Mookie,
Rocky, and Yau Man could only pretend to sleep as Rita and Michelle
discussed in detail the intricacies of their makeup routines.

also said that, despite what some people thought, she was actually a
very low-maintenance kind of girl — a lie born of willful ignorance.
Women, if people think you are high-maintenance, it’s because you are.

The girl talk was bad enough that Rocky pulled Anthony
aside so that they could bond by complaining about Rita, even though
days before Rocky had been trying to vote Anthony out of the tribe.

the teams met for the Immunity Challenge, it seemed like the playing
field had finally been leveled. The tribes played a good, old-fashioned
game of Memory.

One at a time, a member of each team flipped
over a card attached to an easel and searched for its match among a
couple dozen other easels. All of the competitors could see the cards
as they were flipped, but were not allowed to offer help to the players
on the field.

Yau Man made an early mistake when he forgot the
location of a card he’d seen less than a minute before. Later, the
teams were tied,when Rocky’s turn came up for the winning point.
Everyone offered him suggestions on which cards to flip, and Rocky’s
exhausted, malnourished brain simply couldn’t process all of the

He walked out onto the field, flipped over one
card, and realized he had no idea what to do next, even though the
matching card had recently been shown. Rocky ended his turn without a
match. Cassandra went next and quickly handed Moto yet another victory.

took the blame for the loss when Ravu got back to camp, but his team
only briefly considered eliminating him. The girls still wanted to get
rid of Anthony, and Rocky was done listening to Rita.

At Tribal Council, the men of Ravu decided that Rita was way more annoying than Anthony, and Rita was eliminated.

takes a brief hiatus next week due to the NCAA basketball tournament.
It will return with a new episode on Wednesday, March 21. That episode
promises a twist — which, according to the previews, looks like a
chance for the Survivors to switch teams.

If Alex is really as
smart as he seems to be, as soon as Dreamz and Cassandra start walking
toward the Ravu tribe (which you know they will), he should follow
right along.

If Alex stays with his Coalition of the Stupid,
he’s doomed. But if he “deflects” to Ravu, he might have a chance. A
foursome of Alex, Cassandra, Anthony, and Earl could make it very far
in the game.

We’ll see what happens. This episode, with its
coffee incident and Alex’s inability to sway his teammates, could wind
up being the pivotal 60 minutes of the season.