Apprentice L.A.: Episode 8

Surya’s days were numbered the moment he joined the dysfunctional Arrow Corporation. He finally had to pay the price on The Apprentice: L.A., when his team’s luck ran out and his lack of leadership skills was exposed.

Teams had to design a halftime show to promote GNC. The show was then performed at an L.A. Galaxy soccer game.

of Kinetic Corp. had experience planning this kind of event, and she
went with the classic on-field race of the oversized mascots. It works
every time. Need proof? Watch these sausages:

ran several giant vitamins around obstacles like Osteoporosis and Heart
Disease, while Angela narrated the race in an incomprehensible,
screeching voice. To cater to the Spanish speakers in the crowd, Muna
narrated some of the race in that language, as well.

So far,
Muna’s only positive contribution to her team seems to be her
Spanish-speaking skills. She spent the rest of this task micromanaging
and questioning the abilities of the professional prop builders and
trying to undermine Kristy’s authority.

Still, Kinetic was in
much better shape than Arrow. Tim had the dumb idea of staging a mock
boxing match between Average Joe (played by Tim, of course) vs. Life
(symbolized by four guys dressed like high school goths). Only after
some assistance from GNC Vitamin Guy (played by James in a costume that
looked like a big tube of lipstick) could Average Joe beat life’s

Not only was the story lame, but it relied heavily on
narration — not exactly the kind of spectacle that plays well in front
of tens of thousands of fans. Frank’s voice was fine for the
announcing, but the story went on and on.

Only after buying
their props and writing their script did James mention that perhaps the
team’s idea wasn’t a good one. Since it was too late to change course,
the complaint was little more than James pre-planning his own defense
when they wound up in the Boardroom.

And wind up in the Boardroom they did. However, according to a fan who attended the Galaxy game, Kinetic didn’t win by as big of a margin as producers would have you believe.

the Boardroom, Surya blamed the loss on Tim’s stupid idea and James’s
complaining. Surya railed against James for his “disloyalty” — an
argument that seemed pretty flimsy when Surya followed it up by saying
he wished that he’d never left Kinetic, as they were the superior team.

displayed some surprising honesty, once he realized that he was in no
danger of being fired. When James attacked Surya for going with the
first concept suggested, Tim backed up Surya (instead of his buddy,
James) and said that the PM had actually asked several times for more

Just as it seemed he had a chance, Surya made the perfect
argument for his own elimination. He proudly announced that he is a
great team member, just not a great leader.

After hearing that,
Trump fired Surya. And, like any true bitterman, Surya sulked, “It just
shows that the best person doesn’t always win.” Maybe. But neither will
you, Surya.

Next week, the candidates head to Hollywood and the feud between Kristy and Muna heats up.