Ox Notes: March 29, 2007

Robert Forster, Career Counselor
Reality Blurred linked to a Jam! Showbiz interview with Survivor host Jeff Probst, in which he revealed the best piece of career advice he ever received. It came from actor Robert Forster,  who’s best known for his career-resurrecting role in Jackie Brown. The advice? "Don’t you ever walk away from the show."

It’s why Probst stays with Survivor, even when Producer Mark Burnett does stuff that Probst hates — including this season’s rich tribe / poor tribe gimmick.

SOS: Save Our Sleuth
Pop Candy posted a reminder to vote in Kristin Veitch’s Save One Show campaign. The TV shows in the race — and therefore in danger of being cancelled — are Veronica Mars, The Class, Studio 60, How I Met Your Mother and Gilmore Girls.

My vote goes to Veronica Mars, which has managed to maintain high standards for its writing despite misguided network interference. The VM Season 1 DVD is the perfect entertainment on a rainy spring day.

Heche Ho, Let’s Go!
In an odd move, ABC is reportedly bringing back a show next season that it’s stopped showing this season. Men in Trees has several unaired episodes already filmed and ready to go. But ABC has apparently decided to integrate those shows into next season, after the show returns in the fall.

DwtS Video Updates
As videos of this week’s Dancing with the Stars performances find their way to the web, I’ve added them to our recaps. The Week 2 Performance Show recap has videos of Apolo & Julianne, Shandi & Brian, Ian & Cheryl, Billy Ray & Karina, Laila & Maks, and Joey & Kym. And for all the mothers-in-law out there, including mine, the Week 2 Results Show recap has video of both performances by Dionne Warwick.