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SYTYCD 3, Top 14: Results

Another couple’s journey was brought to an end on So You Think You Can Dance. Was Cedric able to squeak by for another week?


The show began with a group dance to "You Can’t Stop the Beat," from the new version of Hairspray, choreographed by guest judge Adam Shankman. In footage of the rehearsal, Adam’s manic energy, constant swearing, and goofy directions — "hungry jazz face" — amused the dancers.

First, two couples were brought out to learn the results of the audience vote: Sabra & Dominic and Anya & Danny. Anya & Danny were in the Bottom Three, and Nigel said it was because "they’re not communicating with the audience."

The next couples were Lacey & Kameron, Sara & Pasha, and Shauna & Cedric. Shauna & Cedric were told they were in the Bottom Three, to which Mary said, "You’re both very special and unique" — a brush-off compliment if I’ve ever heard one.

Finally, Jamie & Hok and Lauren & Neil took the stage, and Jamie & Hok rounded out the Bottom Three.

Anya — Mighty Dub Katz, "Magic Carpet Ride"
Danny — Mario Spinetti, "Delirious"
Shauna — The Cranberries, "Zombie"
Cedric — Kelis, "Circus"
Jamie — Nelly Furtado, "Childhood Dreams"
Hok — "Ease on Down the Road" from The Wiz

Anya’s cheetah-print catsuit was the best costume of the night, and shirtless Danny had the least costume of the night. Shauna and Jamie danced similar contemporary solos, but Shauna’s was better. And Cedric only wishes he could dance as well as Hok.

While the judges deliberated, Hillary Duff performed her song "Stranger" in a harem-girl outfit.

After Duff returned to her sultan’s tent, the girls’ verdict was delivered. Nigel said the decision was unanimous, and not based solely on this night’s performance.

Jamie was told she was safe straight away. And while Nigel said Anya’s solo was weak, he said her body of work warranted another chance. Shauna was let go because, according to Nigel, she hasn’t grown as much as the other girls, and her personality isn’t as strong.

Nigel didn’t prolong the boys’ elimination at all; he immediately told Cedric the competition was over for him.

Because Shauna and Cedric had been partnered together, the eliminations left all of the remaining couples intact for one last week of pairs competition.

Ox Notes: July 12, 2007

Two of my favorite shows — Smallville and Supernatural — will be adding a little girl power when they return in the fall.

Fox has finally found a home for the last two episodes of Drive: MySpace.

Another show that’s back from the dead is National Bingo Night. Apparently enough people played the game at ABC’s website to make up for the fact that nobody watched the television show. It’ll be back for a limited run in December.

MSN features a list of the ten best actors on TV. Unfortunately, I can’t tell if the list is any good since I don’t watch most of the shows these actors star in. It’s nice to see Jack Coleman acknowledged for his work as HRG on Heroes, but how about a little love for John Glover on Smallville?

SYTYCD 3, Top 14: Performances

Several stellar performances could make for a surprising Bottom Three on this week of So You Think You Can Dance.

Adam Shankman, choreographer of the remake of Hairspray, was this week’s guest judge. He said that while they were filming Hairspray, the cast would gather at his place to watch SYTYCD and they’d order Chinese or Italian — "food, not people."

Lacey & Kameron — Hustle
Song: Inner Life, "Ain’t No Mountain High Enough"
Choreographer: Maria Torres
The dance was full of spins and tricks, but more impressive was the fact that all Lacey wore on top was a dinner napkin. Adam said that they did a great job with some really difficult hand changes, and Nigel told Lacey that her technique is "far superior" to her brother, Benji’s.

Shauna & Cedric — Mambo
Song: Tito Puente, "Flauta Y Timbal"
Choreographer: Alex de Silva
Alex de Silva said that, when he heard he’d be working with Cedric, he brought two extra assistants in to help with practice. Cedric’s lack of technique was obvious in the performance. Mary gave Shauna a ticket for the Hot Tamale Train, while Nigel said he was "very, very proud" of Cedric.

Anya & Danny — Contemporary
Song: One Republic, "Apologize"
Choreographer: Tyce DiOrio

They had great chemistry, and it was wonderful to see Anya do something so different from ballroom. Adam said Danny was one of "the most beautiful male dancers" he’s ever seen. And Mary said Anya was "ridiculous," in a good way.

Sara & Pasha — West Coast Swing
Song: Fatboy Slim,"The Rockafeller Skank"
Choreographer: Benji Schwimmer
This was the quirkiest Swing routine I’ve ever seen, and it was fantastic. And these two new partners looked so happy and natural together. Nigel yelled, "That’s magic!" And Mary just yelled.

Sabra & Dominic — Hip-Hop
Song: Ne-Yo, "Make It Work"
Choreographer: Shane Sparks

Before they danced, Dominic revealed his crush on Cat Deeley: "7-feet tall, white teeth, and French accent — what could be better than that?" Their performance was totally sexy, and their playful partnership made it work.

Adam started his comments by asking Cat, "How’s it going, Frenchie?" All of the judges were enthusiastic in their praise.

Jamie & Hok — Waltz
Song: Sarah MacLachlan, "Angel"
Choreographer: Toni Redpath

A nice performance, though not especially Waltzy. Adam told Jamie that, because of her gorgeous lines, "Your husband is going to have a fantastic dance at your wedding." But he didn’t feel that the dance suited Hok, and Mary agreed with him.

Lauren & Neil — Jazz
Song: Roisin Murphy, "Night of the Dancing Flame"
Choreographer: Wade Robson
In spite of the annoying song, this comic book routine was super cool and slinky. Adam said it was "off the charts." Nigel appreciated the "meat on the skeleton of the movement," whatever that means.

There were only two obvious candidates for the Bottom Three: Shauna & Cedric and Jamie & Hok. Anya & Danny may fall through the cracks and join them.

Of the other four performances, I’m not sure that I could pick a favorite. If I was going to vote, I’d vote for Pasha just because he builds his own computers from component parts. There’s nothing hotter than a guy who actually knows what to do with all those little switches and cables from Radio Shack.

Ox Notes: July 11, 2007

Any fans of the show Drive can forget about seeing the final two episodes on Fox this Friday. But show producers Tim Minear and Craig Silverstein explain in this interview what would’ve happened had the show continued.

If you can’t wait for tonight’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance, Idol Forums has spoilers. MSN also featured a piece about the show’s judges, in which writer Craig Berman says of Mary Murphy: "Providers of headache medicine and closed-captioning are the big winners now that she’s a permanent member of the staff."

Joey McIntyre has updated his Dancing with the Stars tour blog, and he talks about the crew’s trip to a casino. It’s worth following the link to see the picture of Joey — why is he dressing like he’s still in New Kids on the Block?

Pirate Master: Episode 7

Joe Don’s departure will probably make Pirate Master a lot less competitive.

In case choosing two strong guys for his officers wasn’t enough to ensure victory, Captain Azmyth kept the crew’s food to a minimum and forced his two strongest competitors into hard labor. Louie had to climb the rigging and secure the sails, while Joe Don dove into the water to remove barnacles from the ship’s hull.

The members of this week’s Red Crew — Joe Don, Louie, Nessa, Christa, and Kendra — were plenty tired when it came time for the treasure hunt. But it didn’t seem to matter, as a misreading of a clue left the Black Crew — Azmyth, Ben, Jay, Laurel, and Jupiter — trailing behind the Red Crew.

But, as in many previous challenges, skill and strength weren’t required to win. Both teams had to spin dials and randomly try different combinations of the numbers 9, 4, and 2 to open a lock. The Black Crew unlocked theirs first, and Azmyth retained his captaincy.

Hoping to avoid receiving a second consecutive Black Spot, Kendra approached the puppet master, Jay. She said she’d vote whatever way he told her to if he convinced Azmyth to spare her this week.

Jay presented this proposal to Azmyth and Ben, and they agreed to give Black Spots to Joe Don, Louie, and Nessa. Nessa would likely buy the pardon from Joe Don, and Louie was popular enough that he would probably survive a vote. So long as the crew didn’t vote to keep Joe Don around for his strength in the challenges — a move that would be in their own best interests — the captain’s plan would work.

And, of course, the crew voted out of sentimentality, and not in the interest of self-preservation or accumulation of wealth. An indecipherable speech from Joe Don didn’t help his cause. Nessa bought the pardon for $5000, and the votes were split between Louie and Joe Don, 3-to-1.

Surprisingly, the only vote for Louie came from Kendra — after she’d promised Jay to vote for Joe Don. Kendra gambled that the normally rational Laurel and Christa would want to keep Joe Don, even at the expense of their shipboard father figure, Louie.

But the gals didn’t want to disappoint Daddy, so Kendra had better bid high for the pardon next week. Jay is sure to make her pay for her insubordination.

A scruffy Joe Don gave Nessa a prolonged kiss before boarding his tiny raft and being cut adrift — only to appear in the next shot on his raft clean-shaven and wearing different clothes. Next thing they’ll tell me is that all those skeletons on the island are fake!

Next week, talk of a mutiny heats up, and Jay thinks about abandoning his cash cow, er, captain.

Ox Notes: July 10, 2007

Joey Fatone gave an interview to TV Guide about hosting The Singing Bee, which premieres tonight on NBC at 9:30 ET. Today’s Washington Post featured an hilarious negative review of the show in which reviewer Tom Shales says about Fatone: "to call him mechanical would be to insult millions of reliable, hard-working machines throughout the world."

Fox announced premiere dates for its fall season. New episodes of most shows will start airing the week of September 17.

And two notes of warning: The Apprentice may be back, and Shannen Doherty is filming a Christmas movie for ABC Family.

Ox Notes: July 9, 2007

Variety has an article about network shows making their final runs this summer, as well as a piece about good new dramas on cable that might get overlooked.

A physical therapist who’s worked on some of the stars of the Dancing with the Stars tour says the rigors of dancing give them the same kinds of injuries as factory workers.

Finally, Variety also features a review of coverage of the Live Earth concerts this weekend. I watched on and off throughout the day on Saturday, mostly on the Internet and Bravo. What struck me was how different the concert footage was from region to region.

During all of the New York concert performances I saw, cameras spent just as much time focusing on bouncing female audience members as they did on the musicians — even during the final performance of the night by The Police. The band is touring for the first time in 20 years, so why would I be more interested in watching some blonde girl talk on her cell phone?

In contrast, the cameras at the Sydney concert stayed firmly on the stage for headliners Crowded House, except when singer Neil Finn asked the crowd to sing along. The show producers were as reverential of the band as the audience was — and that was after a mere 11 years since Crowded House’s last performance in Sydney.

Videos of all of the Live Earth performances are available here.

Ox Notes: July 6, 2007

Joey McIntyre’s latest Dancing with the Stars tour blog entry is up at People. He and the other Joeys (and Drew) have reworked the show a bit to include more singing.

Kevin Sorbo spoke with TV Guide about his new cowboy drama Avenging Angel, which debuts on the Hallmark Channel Saturday night at 9 ET.

As Barry Bonds gets closer to becoming Major League Baseball’s career home run champion, ESPN and Fox are scrambling to negotiate a deal so that they can air the historic homer live.

This weekend’s big worldwide event is the series of Live Earth concerts being held across the globe. But the timing of the concerts makes live international television broadcasts a challenge. All of the concerts are being held locally on July 7, but here are their US start times (all times ET):

Friday, July 6
Sydney — 9:10 pm
Tokyo — 11 pm
Saturday, July 7
Shanghai — 7 am
Hamburg — 8 am
London — 8:30 am
Johannesburg — 12 pm
New York — 2:30 pm
Rio de Janeiro — 3 pm

MSN has the lineup of artists performing at each event.

Here are the best places to watch Live Earth from the US, on the web and on TV: — live streaming coverage of all concerts beginning tonight at 9 pm ET
Sundance Channel — 22 hours of (mostly) live coverage beginning Saturday at 4 am ET
Bravo — 17.5 hours of coverage beginning Saturday at 9 am ET
CNBC — 7 hours of highlights beginning Saturday at 7 pm ET
NBC — 3 hours of highlights beginning Saturday at 8 pm ET

I just hope I can wake up early enough to see Spinal Tap play Live Earth London.

Pirate Master: Episode 6

This week, the pirate ship got a little more Joy-less.

Captain Azmyth put his strategy for winning Pirate Master into play last week, making the two strongest guys he could find — Ben and Jay — his officers. This week, that strategy paid off in the race for treasure.

In order to divide the genders as fairly as possible between the two teams, Joe Don and Louie were forced onto the Red Crew. They’ll continue to oppose Azmyth, Jay, and Ben of the Black Crew for the duration of team play — or at least as long as they remain on the ship.

Christa, Laurel, and Joy joined the captain’s Black Crew, while Nessa, Jupiter, and Kendra rounded out the Red Crew.

Joy and Kendra were the slowest members of their respective crews, but Kendra was cut some slack because she never stopped and she didn’t complain. Joy, however, stopped frequently to ask for water — prompting Jay to ask her what she’d rather have, water or thousands of dollars in treasure.

Joy’s pokiness on the trail didn’t ultimately hurt her team, as Louie managed to sink the Red Crew by failing to notice that he was pretty much standing on the treasure chest key he was looking for.

When the crews returned to the ship, Azmyth kept Jay and Ben as his officers. The trio’s power went to their heads, and Azmyth — who, to this point, had been splitting the treasure evenly among the members of his crew — decided that he and his officers should start keeping a larger portion of the loot for themselves.

The trio also targeted Joe Don with the Black Spot, in the hopes of eliminating their strongest rival. Just in case that plan didn’t work, they nominated the two slowest players — Kendra and Joy. No matter how the vote turned out, the trio hoped to increase their chances of winning challenges and staying in power.

With his future as a pirate in jeopardy, Joe Don made his move on Nessa: "I said, ‘Hey, man, what do you think about a little kiss? Just a little peck?’" Somehow, those lame pickup lines worked, and they made out on the deck.

Joe Don’s best hope for saving himself was to bid on the Royal Pardon. Not only would it keep him from being eliminated, but — since he had to buy the pardon from Nessa — it would also allow him to buy a little affection from his new girlfriend.

His $12,000 bid for the pardon proved more than sufficient; the next highest bid was for $700. Joe Don didn’t end up needing the pardon, but by buying it for such a large amount, he ensured that Nessa will have no trouble affording it should she find herself in trouble next week.

The votes were split between Joy and Kendra 3-2, with Joy on the losing end. She was cut adrift, despite the fact that everyone on the crew seemed to like her. They just couldn’t risk her winding up on their team.

Next week, Joe Don and Nessa move beyond mere pecking.

Ox Notes: July 5, 2007

Rumor has it that So You Think You Can Dance duo Lacey & Kameron aren’t faking their on-stage chemistry: the dance partners are dating (play the video on the linked page). Some people on chat boards are calling the couple "Kamcey," but I prefer "Lameron."

The ubiquitous Jerry Springer will guest star on Days of Our Lives on July 27.

And the second quarter reports for cable TV networks are in; Variety has the stats for some of the top networks. Traditional leader TNT suffered from their over-reliance on reruns of Law & Order and other police procedurals. Apparently, airing daily reruns of Without a Trace at the same time other cable networks rerun episodes of CSI, CSI: Miami, Law & Order: SVU, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent isn’t such a good idea after all.