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Ox Notes: July 23, 2007

Reality TV World figured out how many Emmy nominations went to reality shows, and Dancing with the Stars leads all other reality shows with eight nominations.

In other happy DwtS news, Laila Ali married Curtis Conway over the weekend.

In case you’ve been suffering from Bruno Tonioli withdrawal, he gave an interview about his new show, Dance X.

And it looks as if the scandals surrounding Chris Benoit’s murder-suicide and renewed concerns about steroids in pro wrestling have taken their tolls on WWE TV viewership. Two shows Benoit regularly appeared on — WWE Raw and Extreme Championship Wrestling — have each lost at least 9% of their total audience in recent weeks, with declines of up to 28% in their key demographic of men aged 18-34.

Ox Notes: July 20, 2007

Good news for fans of Hok and Anya, who got the boot from So You Think You Can Dance last night. In TV Guide’s backstage report, Mary Murphy revealed they’ve been invited to serve as alternates on the SYTYCD tour. And it should come as no surprise that Murphy, a former ballroom pro herself, was the dissenting vote among the judges last night; she would’ve preferred to eliminate Lauren.

Variety has an article about some unexpected Emmy nominations, including one for the quickly canceled series Drive, and another for a song called "Everything Comes Down to Poo."

So just how does Mario Lopez show his girlfriend, Karina Smirnoff, a good time? He takes her to the racetrack.

If you don’t have plans for Saturday, head to the Orange County Fliers baseball game for the post-game entertainment: Heroes’s Hayden Panettiere will be singing covers with a band made up of fellow Heroes star Greg Grunberg, House’s Hugh Laurie, Desperate Housewives’s James Denton, The Bachelor’s Bob Guiney, and Kitchen Confidential’s Bonnie Summerville.

Or, if you’ve got a little free time over the next few weeks, Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin have extended their Broadway run in Chicago through August 5.

My plans for the weekend are a little less sophisticated than either of those options. I’m planning on a trip to Dunkin’ Donuts tomorrow morning, inspired by their latest ad campaign. I mean, everybody knows that the funniest member of the band Kiss isn’t Gene Simmons — it’s Ace Frehley!

SYTYCD 3, Top 12: Results

Tonight’s So You Think You Can Dance results show started with a cute Jean-Marc Genereux-choreographed routine to "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy," with the dancers decked out in Navy uniforms.

Then it was time to find out which couples would be dancing for their lives. The Bottom Three couples were Anya & Danny, Jamie & Hok, and Lauren & Neil.

The announcement of the Bottom Three couples was followed by a special tap performance by Jason Samuel Smith. The performance was very cool, and at times he looked like his upper body was being supported by wires to allow his feet to fly more easily.

Anya — Ike & Tina Turner, "Proud Mary"
Danny — Brian McKnight, "Never Felt This Way"
Jamie — Mindy Smith, "One Moment More"
Hok — Jamiroquai, "Black Devil Car"
Lauren — Christina Aguilera, "Walk Away"
Neil — Maroon 5, "Harder to Breathe"

While the judges deliberated, Enrique Iglesias performed "Somebody’s Me."

The judges weren’t unanimous in their decision as to which girl should go, but they all felt that Jamie deserved to remain despite an unimpressive solo. They felt that, until tonight, Lauren hadn’t reached her potential. But her performance tonight impressed two of the judges enough that they asked Lauren to remain, meaning that Anya had to go.

Regarding which boy to eliminate, the judges were unanimous. Nigel said that the judges felt Hok hadn’t grown as much as the other breakdancers in the competition, Dominic and Sara, and the show’s eventual winner needed to have a diverse array of talents. Neil and Danny lived to dance another day, and Hok was cut adrift.

Ox Notes: July 19, 2007

Nominees for the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards were announced today. Here’s the full list of nominees. Choreography nods went to an NBC Tony Bennett special, Mia Michaels for "Calling You" from SYTYCD 2, Wade Robson for "Ramalama (Bang Bang)" from SYTYCD 2, and Louis Van Amstel for his Jive with Monique Coleman from DwtS 3.

Also announced today was CBS’s fall schedule, which kicks off with new reality show Kid Nation, in which 40 kids try to build an adult-free society in a ghost town. I’m excited to see the show if only because I would’ve loved to be on it when I was ten.

When Dancing with the Stars returns in the fall, it will be DelGrosso-less again. Ashly DelGrosso, who is due to give birth to her baby any day, said this in her email newsletter:
"Like last season I will be cheering all my friends on but will not be participating because of my newborn. I intend to be back for season 6 though in February and am looking forward to it."

In between seasons 5 and 6, ABC will keep Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba employed by pitting them against one another as coach-choreographers on the show Dance X. Each week, Tonioli and Inaba will pick a team from a cast of dancers and teach their team a new routine, and then fans vote for their favorite. Let’s see how Carrie Ann and Bruno like being judged for a change.

SYTYCD 3, Top 12: Performances

With one last chance to secure a spot in So You Think You Can Dance’s Top 10, one of the most popular couples had their first off night.

Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy were joined at the judges table by Wade Robson. After this week, couples will be chosen at random for each performance. And dancers who make the Top 10 will go on the SYTYCD tour following the season.

Sabra & Dominic — Jive
Choreographer: Tony Meredith
Song: Ryan Shaw, "I Do The Jerk"
This was the perfect song to match this couple’s manic energy levels. With her short, spangly dress and tremendous speed, Sabra looked like she was channeling Tina Turner. And Dominic executed a great lift without injuring Sabra in the process (after dropping her a few times over the past several weeks). Wade loved their "positive energy," and Mary gave Tony credit for choreographing to the couple’s strengths.

Jamie & Hok — Broadway
Choreographer: Tyce DiOrio
Song: "Mr. Bojangles" from Fosse
This was not a great piece for so late in the competition. Hok was supposed to be an old man and Jamie his muse, and the result was a slow, uninspiring routine. Wade said they didn’t connect with their characters. Mary said, "It didn’t work for me either." But all of the judges were impressed with Jamie’s execution.

Sara & Pasha — Jazz
Choreographer: Mandy Moore
Song: Queen, "Body Language"
"Retro" doesn’t begin to describe it. The music, the moves, the clothes — this performance screamed 1982. It was fantastic. Wade said, "I really like that number. Mandy, I think that was sick." Mary and Nigel seemed to find the performance more amusing than mind-blowing.

Lauren & Neil — Contemporary
Choreographer: Mia Michaels
Song: Citizen Cope, "Let the Drummer Kick"
With their skinny ties, dark sunglasses, and neon-colored gloves, Lauren and Neil performed an abstract routine was as quirky as Sara & Pasha’s ’80s dance, only it wasn’t as fun. Well executed, but not memorable. Wade said that Neil has "come alive." Mary said it was "not great, but really good." Nigel said, "Because I didn’t understand it, I’m not sure that I really enjoyed it."

Anya & Danny — Fox Trot
Choreographer: Jean-Marc Genereux
Song: Brian Evans, "It Had To Be You"
Classy, beautiful, and fun — ballroom at its best. Wade told Danny, "You really surprised me tonight." Mary shouted, "It’s no surprise to me! I’ve loved these guys from the beginning!" Nigel said, "Dancing with the Stars is going to have to start calling itself Dancing with the Celebrities, because the stars are right here!"

Lacey & Kameron — Hip Hop
Choreographer: Dan Karaty
Song: Fergie, "Here I Come"
The routine was entertaining, but it seemed to drag. Wade said Kameron danced "a bit heavy," and he warned Lacey that her performances tend to be "professional and not personal." Mary agreed with Wade’s comments about Kameron, but said that Lacey is "still on point." Nigel felt that Kameron missed his chance to be something other than Lacey’s prop. (All of the brace-faced, teen girls in the audience loudly disagreed).

My favorite performances of the night were by Sabra & Dominic, Sara & Pasha, and Anya & Danny, with top honors going to Sabra & Dominic. Because it was such a kitschy piece, I won’t be shocked if Sara & Pasha slip to the bottom — but I don’t think the judges will let either of them go.

The two girls in the most danger tomorrow night are probably Jamie and Lauren. And, of the boys, Hok and Kameron need to be especially careful.

Ox Notes: July 18, 2007

Ahead of tonight’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance, here are links to spoilers from Monday’s taping and interviews with the two dancers eliminated last week, Shauna and Cedric. And, yes, even Cedric agrees that he should’ve been kicked off weeks ago.

Masi Oka offered some spoilers of his own about Heroes Season 2.

All you fans of daytime talk shows can relax — The Jerry Springer Show and The Maury Povich Show will be on the air through 2010.

In other old-guys-on-TV news, now that Sam Waterston’s Jack McCoy character has been promoted to District Attorney on Law & Order, the new assistant D.A. will be played by the guy who played Bruce Wayne’s dad in Batman Begins.

And if you heard a small squeal of delight at approximately 10:50 a.m. Central Time, that was me as I read the news about a new pilot in development at CBS called Kingdom. Here’s a description of the show from the Variety article:

"Kingdom" is set in the era of knights and castles. The male-centric pilot revolves around four average young men, one of whom discovers he’s heir to the throne. Skein will explore how the new power changes the lives of the four friends, particularly the new King Lucas — who’d rather drink and womanize than fulfill his new duties.

Eeee! I can’t wait!

Pirate Master: Episode 8

The dead came back to life and the planets seemed aligned for mutiny, but in the end, things stayed pretty much the same on Pirate Master.

As a twist, the seven previously eliminated pirates were brought back to compete against the remaining nine pirates for this week’s treasure — and more importantly, the chance to overthrow Azmyth and put him up for elimination.

Despite being outnumbered by two crew members, strong competitors like Joe Don, Cheryl, Sean, and scientist/exotic dancer John gave the "Ghost Crew" a fighting chance against Captain Azmyth’s Black Crew.

Things looked good for the Ghosts when, after the crews rowed downriver and found keys to the treasure chest, Azmyth led his team in the wrong direction (as usual). While Azmyth’s squad roamed aimlessly, the Ghost Crew made it to the location of the final clue, before someone realized that John had lost their key somewhere along the way.

The Ghosts had to return to the river and don diving masks in an effort to retrieve the key from the murky depths, giving the Black Crew enough time to figure out how to use a compass and make their way to the treasure.

Joe Don was especially bummed that he wouldn’t be able to eliminate Azmyth: "I don’t like to point the finger, but when somebody loses the key, it’s just like, ‘Agh.’"

The ghosts left, and the pirates counted their gold. Host Cameron Daddo told Azmyth that he could elect two new officers, and, for about a second, the crew entertained hope for a regime change. But Azmyth stuck with Ben and Jay.

Azmyth kept $25000 of the $50000 treasure for himself, Jay and Ben received $6250 each, and the remaining crew members were each given $2000. For her services as cook, Azmyth gave Jupiter a $500 bonus.

The unequal distribution of funds provoked talk of mutiny among the crew. When Laurel broached the subject with Jupiter, Jupiter said she’d never agree to mutiny against Azmyth.

But, in an effort to nudge Azmyth toward improving the conditions of the crew, Jupiter told Azmyth about the mutinous talk. At dinner. In front of everybody. The results? Azmyth assumed that Jupiter had turned on him, and the crew decided that Jupiter was a moron.

When it came time to hand out Black Spots, Kendra got one for being slow and Laurel got one for being grouchy (although Azmyth’s fear that she might reveal that some of his dreadlocks are fake may have played a part). With Jay’s prompting, Azmyth assigned the final Spot to Jupiter.

While waiting for Pirates Court, Louie got Jay’s agreement to mutiny but couldn’t get a definite answer from Ben. If the three voting crew members voted for mutiny, but couldn’t get the consent of the two officers, then Azmyth would decide which crew member to eliminate.

At Pirates Court, Laurel called out Azmyth for being a tyrant and Jupiter promised that she’d never mutiny against Azmyth. That seemed to be enough to convince Nessa, Louie, and Christa to forgo mutiny for the time being and eliminate Jupiter, easing the way for a future mutiny.

Next week, it doesn’t take long for Azmyth to realize that giving Jupiter a Black Spot was incredibly stupid.

Ox Notes: July 17, 2007

It’s official: Mandy Patinkin has left Criminal Minds — due to "creative differences," of course.

Donald Trump won’t let The Apprentice die. He’s bringing it back for a celebrity edition, although Rosie O’Donnell says she definitely won’t be participating.

Pirate Master’s most recently eliminated pirate, Joe Don, told TV Guide that it wasn’t purely greed that made him keep the lion’s share of the gold during his captaincy. He misunderstood the rules and didn’t realize that he’d be demoted if his crew lost a challenge. He thought that the only way he could be unseated as captain was through mutiny, and he knew that his officer, Cheryl, would never agree to that.

Joey McIntyre reports in his latest Dancing with the Stars tour blog entry that his dream came true when the cast was partying at a club after a recent show: Edyta Sliwinska asked him to dance. And Cheryl Burke proved that she’s a regular gal when she told The Buffalo News that what she misses most about home when she’s on tour is doing her own laundry.

When reading about NBC’s fall premiere schedule at Zap2It, I noticed a handy feature at the site: a photo gallery of TV premiere and return dates that covers the entire year. You can flip through the pages one at a time or choose a date from a drop-down menu to see the shows that are debuting or returning on any network or cable channel that day.

So if you’re already trying to come up with an excuse for why you can’t attend your grandma’s birthday party on September 28, just tell her, "Sorry, Grams. That’s the night Las Vegas returns."

Ox Notes: July 16, 2007

TV Guide has a behind-the-scenes report from the set of So You Think You Can Dance chronicling some particularly painful injuries sustained at Wednesday night’s results show. Men — read about Danny’s unfortunate safety pin mishap at your own risk.

The Sci Fi Channel has ordered a series of 2-3 minute Battlestar Galactica mini-sodes that will air on the channel in October, as well as ten Farscape webisodes.

E! scooped up the rights to a seemingly inevitable reality show about rapper Snoop Dogg. The show promises to devote plenty of time to the Snoop’s duties as commissioner of his own youth football league.

And Bravo will debut Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style on September 6. The modest goal of the show’s host? "I want every woman to achieve her style zenith." If anyone can do it, Tim Gunn can.

Ox Notes: July 13, 2007

There may be a major shake up in the works for Criminal Minds after Mandy Patinkin failed to show up for a read-through of the new season’s early scripts. He’s been written out of the season premiere.

Perhaps Patinkin can try out for Lifetime’s new reality show, America’s Psychic Challenge. Yes, it’s a game show for amateur psychics.

Ian Ziering wishes he was psychic. He’s apparently really, really hoping to become the new host of The Price Is Right, but CBS hasn’t named Bob Barker’s replacement yet.

Finally, there’s news about a few of the imported comedies on HBO. Ricky Gervais is planning to wrap up Extras with an hour-long special. And the creators of the BBC comedy Little Britain are working on a new six-episode series for HBO.

If you are like me and don’t have HBO, and you don’t want to wait for Flight of the Conchords to come out on DVD, each new episode of the show is available for a limited time at the show’s website. The site also features video clips from all of the episodes, including a performance by Jermaine and Bret as their rap alter egos, Hip-Hopopotamus and Rhymenocerous: