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Ox Notes: February 19, 2008

The newly revealed cast of Dancing with the Stars 6 will be featured on Oprah this Thursday, February 21.

DwtS pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy explained to Extra that he asked producers to sit out of Season 6 so that he could focus on his dance studios, but said he’ll likely perform on a Results Show.

Wendy Wilson of the soft-rock trio Wilson Phillips gets parenting help from Jo Frost on this week’s episode of Supernanny, premiering Wednesday night on ABC.

Fox is also enlisting the help of some former rock stars, only they’ll be singing on Don’t Forget the Lyrics. Thursday night’s episode features Boyz II Men, while Bret Michaels of Poison and Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon are scheduled to appear on future episodes.

Drummer Marky Ramone might not be appearing on TV this week, but he may be headlining a bedroom near you. Well, not Marky himself, but his limited edition signature condoms.

Smallville’s Kristin Kreuk has a role in the upcoming film adaptation of the video game Street Fighter.

Reality Blurred explains why CBS won’t cancel Big Brother, despite complaints from autism groups outraged at contestant Adam’s boneheaded comments.

Martha Stewart expanded her empire by purchasing the Emeril Lagasse franchise. Martha gets the rights to Emeril’s cookbooks and TV shows, but he retains control of his restaurants.

DwtS 6: Cast List Announcement

Female Celebs:

Male Celebs:


So, who are you excited to to see dance, and which celebs are already on your hit list?

ABC’s web announcement (Thanks, Imee!):

Ox Notes: February 18, 2008

When the cast of Dancing with the Stars 6 is announced tonight during the Dance War finale, magician Penn Jillette’s name may be on the list. Penn’s partner, Teller, had no comment.

I’m going to be pumped if this next rumor proves to be true. Steve Guttenberg says he’ll be dancing during Season 6.

One name that definitely won’t be on the pro list is Maksim Chmerkovskiy. An ABC spokesperson told People, "He just needs a break."

TV Guide’s After the WGA Strike episode chart has the return dates for several CW shows. Smallville is on hiatus until March 13, and Gossip Girl returns with new episodes on April 21.

An article at Variety examines why networks are still interested in importing successful cable shows, even after production has resumed on network shows.

Variety’s Brian Lowry writes about how the Internet may have played a part in making strike negotiations more hostile and less productive than they should have been.

Advocacy group Autism United wants an apology from CBS, after Big Brother contestant Adam said he wanted to open a hair salon for people with developmental disabilities, "so retards can get it together and get their hair done."

If you can believe it, Adam says that he currently works for an autism group. Just a hunch, but I bet he’ll have to look for a new job once he’s evicted from the Big Brother house.

Ox Notes: February 15, 2008

The networks have decided to hold a scaled-down version of their upfronts in May, where they will debut pilots for the upcoming season. The demand for pilot scripts, as well as new scripts for shows that got additional episode orders this season, mean that many writers will be working non-stop for the next few months.

NBC announced that Heroes, Life, and Chuck will definitely be back for the 2008-09 season. CBS picked up 11 shows for next season, but has yet to decide the fates of several shows, including How I Met Your Mother and Moonlight.

Plans for the Oscars telecast are on track for the February 24 ceremony. I plan to watch the show just to see Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova perform "Falling Slowly" from Once, my favorite film of the year.

Tina Fey will host the first new episode of Saturday Night Live, which returns on February 23. Ellen Page, star of the movie Juno, will host the following week.

David Attenborough’s final nature documentary series, Life in Cold Blood, is currently airing on the BBC. The famed naturalist has decided to retire at the age of 81.

Survivor: Micronesia wasn’t a big waste of time for the first two ousted castaways, Jonny Fairplay and Mary Sartain. When they returned to California after the taping, Fairplay introduced Mary to Ryan Opray, his buddy from Survivor: Pearl Islands. The two friends of Fairplay hit it off and are planning to get married.

Looks like Rami isn’t the only Project Runway designer who can’t take criticism gracefully. In an interview with People, Sweet P should’ve stopped after she said that Roberto Cavalli’s criticism was "a bummer." Instead, she continued: "Cavalli isn’t really my aesthetic. He’s a great designer, but there are other people I like better."

You might want to set your Tivo now to record Dance War on Monday night. That way you can fast forward through all of the singing to get to the Dancing with the Stars 6 cast announcement.

Greg is getting a jump on his three-day weekend and sent me this video collection of stupid Wheel of Fortune contestants, which is a great way to kill time on a Friday. If you can solve the puzzle "E_clusi_e Nightclub," you’re way ahead of these poor saps.

Ox Notes: February 14, 2008

Now that scripted shows have gone back into production, CBS and NBC announced return dates for some of their hit shows. Fox likewise announced its plans for the summer, included a May 22 premiere for the fourth season of So You Think You Can Dance.

About 100 writers who had contracts prior to the strike are currently out of work because their projects were terminated by the networks during the strike.

Zap2It has bios of the cast members of Bravo’s Step It Up & Dance, which premieres April 3.

TV Guide has an interview with the first castaway booted from Survivor: Micronesia, Jonny Fairplay.

TV Guide also interviewed DJ Lance Rock, host of Nick Jr.’s Yo Gabba Gabba. I’d only seen clips of the show on The Soup, so in the interest of journalistic integrity, I watched part of an episode this morning. Holy crap, the show is mesmerizing.

Last night’s episode of Project Runway was mesmerizing as well, particularly when Chris decided to take a nap during the middle of the competition. That really annoyed Tim Gunn, who dropped an "I can’t want you to succeed more than you do" on Chris in his latest blog post.

Rami, in the Burning Questions blog, said that he’s not a fan of Roberto Cavalli’s work because he thought Cavalli was mean to him. Rami also admitted that PR is just a way to expose his work to a wider pool of celebrity clients. Based on the number of photos of stars wearing his clothes at his website, I’m not sure that Rami needs much help. Go Jillian or Christian!

Mark Burnett is adapting a Japanese game show for American audiences, and calling it The Shark Tank. Sadly, it’s not actually about competitors swimming through a tank filled with sharks. It’s a business show that sounds like a rip-off of The Apprentice. I am certain that it won’t be as cool as Hole in the Wall.

America’s Ballroom Challenge 3: International Standard

International Standard is always one of my favorites rounds on America’s Ballroom Challenge, and this season’s competition didn’t disappoint.

The costumes worn during the group dance round were classically glamorous, and they added to the drama of the couples nearly crashing into each other at every turn. Arunas Bizokas & Katusha Demidova won the group dance round.

For the showdance round, most of the couples steered clear of traditional standard routines, opting instead for combinations of standard and Latin moves. After Mikhail Avdeev & Anastasia Muravyeva’s performance in Shrek costumes, Ron Montez muttered, "Oh, boy. That was something different, for sure."

All of the performances were good, although I think the judges were generous in rewarding the Shrek routine 4th place. But it was Arunas & Katusha’s elegant performance to "Rhapsody in Blue" that won the showdance round. They’ll compete in the grand finale in two weeks.

All of this episode’s exhibition dances were enjoyable, too. Jasmine Guy was especially impressed with Maxim Kozhevnikov & Yuk Chun: "Oh, he’s hot. Yeah, I like him."

Next week’s penultimate episode is the International Latin competition.

Ox Notes: February 13, 2008

Finally, the strike is officially over. Saturday Night Live will be the first scripted network show to feature a new episode,when it returns to the air on February 23.

The return of the writers isn’t necessarily good news for every series. While CBS ordered more episodes of Shark and Rules of Engagement, ABC has put the brakes on Women’s Murder Club and Big Shots.

Meanwhile, E! is giving Denise Richards her own reality show.

The CW is keeping Smallville‘s Green Arrow (Justin Hartley) on retainer.

Send your sweetheart a Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, or Ugly Betty e-card for Valentine’s Day.

I don’t know why it’s taken so long, but Fox is finally bringing the game show Hole in the Wall to the US. Regular YouTube users already know this Japanese game show by its nickname, Human Tetris. I confess that nothing makes me laugh as hard as these videos.

Ox Notes: February 12, 2008

TV Guide has a report from the last stop on the Dancing with the Stars Tour. Thanks to MOIB reader Notaverygoodfan for providing a link to an ET article debunking the rumor that Sean Hayes will join the Season 6 cast.

Now that showrunners have gone back to work, networks are announcing their plans for the rest of the season. USA Today got the scoop from several showrunners on why certain decisions — such as holding new episodes of 24 until early 2009 — were made.

CBS is waiting to see how quickly its scripted shows can get back on air, and if the turn around is fast, Big Brother 9 may only get eight episodes. The new season, which debuts tonight, features contestants competing in pairs. If the network needs the extra episodes, the couples will be split up at some point and forced to compete individually.

The New York Post explains how another of CBS’s strike-filler shows, Dexter, is being made suitable for network TV.

Even though American writers are ready to go back to work, that hasn’t stopped networks from importing show concepts from Britain.

To celebrate the 20th season of The Real World, MTV is asking viewers to vote online for their favorite cast members. The voting results will be announced during a televised awards show/roast, during which the former cast members in attendance will get drunk and make asses of themselves.

Ox Notes: February 11, 2008

With the strike nearing its official end, the picket lines are over and showrunners have gone back to work. Once the contract is signed, the writers will return to a world in which the pilot development system has been turned on its head.

Even though the new contract puts WGA members in a better position, many long-time writers say the biz ain’t what it used to be.

To keep the identities of the Project Runway finalists secret, all five remaining contestants exhibited collections at Fashion Week. Salon has video from the runway show and descriptions of the collections, so only click on the link if you just can’t wait for the finale. I’m choosing to wait, at least for another day or two.

People has a screen capture from Dancing with the Stars’ Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s recent appearance on All My Children.

Some news outlets are reporting that the cast of Dancing with the Stars 6 will be revealed during tonight’s episode of Dance War. Nothing on ABC’s site confirms that, and it seems more likely that the announcement will be made during the February 18 Dance War finale. That would give the couples exactly four weeks to train, as was the case last season, not to mention giving the pros a week to recover from the Tour, which just ended.

Star Magazine reports that Hairspray’s Marissa Jaret Winokur and Will & Grace’s Sean Hayes will be two of Season 6’s stars.

And a couple of posters at Dance-Forums have posted the names of the professional dancers supposedly confirmed for DwtS 6. I can’t verify its accuracy, but here’s the list:

Edyta Sliwinska
Anna Trebunskaya
Karina Smirnoff
Julianne Hough
Kym Johnson
Cheryl Burke
Louis van Amstel
Tony Dovolani
Jonathan Roberts
Derek Hough
Mark Ballas
Fabian Sanchez

Fabian is the only new dancer on the list, which is interesting for who’s back (Louis) and who’s not (Maks and Alec). I’m excited to see if this information proves accurate, and I’ll post the date of the announcement as soon as I can find confirmation.

Ox Notes: February 8, 2008

The WGA is expected to agree on contract terms with the studios today, which means the writers might finally get to stop picketing and start writing again.

TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello complied a list of production plans for shows once the strike ends. Some shows, like Moonlight, won’t produce any new episodes until fall, while others, like Gossip Girl, will get right to work on new episodes that will hit the air in April.

Ausiello also posted his two big problems with last night’s episode of Lost, and I have to agree with him, although I was happy to see The Lawnmower Man join the cast.

Despite the fact that its ratings numbers are up, NBC says that its reality-heavy schedule is only a response to the strike and not a long-term programming strategy. But if the strategy is working, why tamper with it?

ABC has picked up a new, primetime animated series by Mike Judge, the creator of Beavis and Butthead and the movie Office Space.

The CW is parting ways with the WWE after ten years together, right after the Divas got those snazzy outfits made for them on Project Runway.

Twelve of the designers from Project Runway 4 will compete in an online competition called Sew Not Over starting February 21. Viewers’ votes will determine the winner.

MSN has a list of 10 Great Dance Movies. I would’ve swapped Bring It On for Center Stage.

I could not have been happier when my favorite Survivor: Micronesia Favorites — Jonathan, Eliza, Yau-Man, and Amy — formed an alliance during last night’s premiere. Now they need to pull in Cirie and Micronesia is theirs for the taking.

Reality Blurred posted a brief recap of the episode that focused on the at-least-somewhat successful image makeover orchestrated by Jonny Fairplay. As RB’s Andy Denhart said, "Well played, asshole, well played."