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Week 7: Reality Episode

Some of the rockers learned a hard lesson on this week’s Rock Star: Supernova reality episode: don’t get drunk in front of your potential employers.

promised on last week’s elimination episode, the remaining eight
contestants traveled to Las Vegas with Supernova. The private jet they
flew in was basically a bar with wings, allowing the impressionable
kids to lay the foundation of the following day’s massive hangover.

touring the stage at The Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel, where Supernova
will give its debut performance on New Year’s Eve, everyone went to
party in the penthouse suite. Complete with its own bowling lane, the
suite was the kind of place where all of the contestants aspire to puke
in the bathroom regularly.

While Dilana used the opportunity to
pitch Tommy Lee on why she’s right for the band, Lukas and Toby ignored
all good sense and got totally hammered. Jason Newsted was not happy
about having to babysit the drunken Toby. Mercifully, Toby and Lukas
were both passed out on the floor by 10:30 p.m.

The next day,
the rockers dragged themselves to their beds in the mansion to sleep
off their hangovers. Only Dilana was up and about, celebrating her
birthday by torturing her exhausted housemates. She poured water into a
sleeping Lukas’ bellybutton, stuck her finger in it, and then put her
finger into his mouth. She then lashed Toby’s legs together, although
he avenged himself later by shoving birthday cake in her face.

a long nap, Ryan wandered into the billard room and found this week’s
songs. A note informed the rockers that they would all be giving
unplugged performances, accompanied by the House Band.

time, Gilby Clarke was going to play on the Peter Gabriel song
“Solsbury Hill.” Toby was ready to fight for the song, and his unlikely
opponent was Dilana, who’d just performed with Gilby last week. She
agreed to give up the song only if Toby ran around the pool in the
nude, which he did, protesting against the unseasonable cold front
which moved in over the mountains and settled right around his genitals.

posited that Dilana staged the fight as a strategic move and didn’t
really even want the song. As when she schmoozed with Tommy in Vegas,
Dilana seems to be making every effort to secure herself the gig with
Supernova. The song Dilana ultimately got, “Cat’s in the Cradle,” was
better for her voice than “Solsbury Hill” anyway.

As the
Dilana/Toby battle ensued outside, Ryan and Zayra argued indoors over
which one of them would be the sole contestant allowed to perform an
original song this week. Zayra said that this might be her only chance
to perform an original song for Supernova, but Ryan wouldn’t relent.

finally suggested that Ryan’s best hope at staying out of the bottom
three was to completely own a legendary rock tune — specifically, “In
the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins. After practicing the tune with Magni,
Ryan agreed that the moody song suited him perfectly, and he gave the
original song to Zayra.

Zayra’s original song is in Spanish,
which will only emphasize that her voice is that of a poor man’s
Shakira. And Toby’s victory over Dilana may not serve him well, either.
In rehearsal with Gilby and the House Band, he couldn’t nail down
“Solsbury Hill’s” odd rhythm signatures.

But the most doomed
rocker of all might be Storm. In a fit of insanity, she chose the
Gloria Gaynor disco hit, “I Will Survive.” It’s nearly impossible to
turn into a rock song, and Paul Merkovich and the rest of the House
Band struggled along with Storm as they tried to work out a viable
arrangement. If only they had the aid of the mansion’s resident
rearrangement superhero: Zayra!

DwtS 3 Celebrities Announced

The big day has finally arrived! ABC announced the celebrity contestants for Dancing with the Stars 3 this morning. There were few surprises on the list, due to the many rumors circulated about the cast — all of which happened to be true.

The celebrity cast for DWTS 3:
Emmitt Smith – former Dallas Cowboy
Vivica A. Fox – Kill Bill actress
Harry Hamlin – L.A. Law/Veronica Mars actor
Mario Lopez – Saved by the Bell actor
Shanna Moakler – former Miss USA, Meet the Barkers
Tucker Carlson – conservative pundit
Joey Lawrence – Blossom actor
Jerry Springer – legendary talk show host
Sara Evans – country singer
Willa Ford – pop singer
Monique Coleman – High School Musical actress

I’ll have more DWTS posts later this week, handicapping the contestants and revealing some of their professional partners.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in getting in DWTS shape, ABC is looking for a woman to train with a professional partner, following the same routine as the celebrity contestants. Applications must be submitted by Wednesday, August 16th.

Week 6: Elimination Show

This week’s Rock Star: Supernova elimination show kicked off
with a recap of the performance show. When I saw Josh perform last
night, I assumed that Tommy Lee had planned to play drums on
“Interstate Love Song,” no matter who picked it. But upon a second
watching, I got the feeling that Josh was singled out, as if the band wanted
to give him a chance to show he could lead them — or at least one of
them — before giving him the boot.

After the
recap, we saw footage of what happened after the performance show. Back
at the mansion, Jill picked a fight with Zayra and Storm for not
demanding to play with Gilby this week. Both Zayra and Storm felt that
their best strategy was picking the best song for them — not just the
right to play with someone from Supernova. It’s a decent argument,
considering performers have been booted for picking the wrong song, but
none have been kicked off for not playing with a member of the band.

and Zayra asked Jill why she didn’t fight to play with Gilby again. She
said she proved something the last time she played with him. Saying
what everyone was thinking, Storm told Jill that Gilby totally ripped
her for her inappropriate actions on stage. Storm then said she was in
no rush to pick a song just because she’d be accompanied by Supernova’s
guitarist: “I know I can play with Gilby, and he knows I can play with

Back at the studio, live, Dave asked Storm how Gilby could
possibly know this without having played with her. Storm backtracked
and confessed that Dave made a good point. She said she hoped that her
history would give Gilby confidence in her ability. Storm then promised
not to hump Gilby onstage, as Jill had, if only because it might “break
your back.”

After making peace with Storm, Gilby announced that
all the contestants who survived elimination would go with Supernova to
Vegas after the show. They’d be going to the Hard Rock Casino to check
out the stage where Supernova — with their new lead singer — will
debut on New Year’s Eve.

Since the band couldn’t decide on just
one encore, Supernova chose two people to sing. Lukas was first up,
reprising “Creep.” Magni got the second encore. After performing “The
Dolphin’s Cry” solo on performance night, Magni changed up his
performance and asked the House Band for backup. He greeted the House
Band, saying, “I missed you guys.” After the song, he high-fived
drummer Nate.

Brooke then named the contestants who’d spent some
time in the bottom three since the performance show. Last night’s early
three, Jill, Patrice, and Zayra, were joined by Josh and Ryan. All were
asked to stand. When Brooke asked Dave if he was surprised by those
standing, he said that many of the same faces keep popping up, so he
wasn’t surprised at all.

Zayra and Ryan looked pissed to be
standing, but Zayra was quickly told to take a seat. Magni had to grab
her and put her on a bench, otherwise she would’ve kept jumping up and
down triumphantly all night.

Jill – “Respect” by Aretha Franklin
was an obvious, awful choice. And there was no way Jill could keep
herself from oversinging it. Paul played harmonica on it, driving the
nails into her coffin. Supernova looked suitably unimpressed, and
Patrice and Ryan each wore and expression that said, “You guys can’t send me home before her.”

Josh – “Shooting Star” by Bad Company
Tommy’s advice, and the will of millions of viewers, Josh elected to
play his guitar again. And again, he stood still as a statue, apart
from his distracting, Phil-esque head waggling. It might be appropriate
for a coffee house, but not for a huge venue. Too bad, since this was
the best he’s sounded — and on a rock song at that.

Ryan – “Enjoy the Silence” by Depeche Mode
was surprised to see Ryan in the Bottom Three, but speculated that last
night’s performance confused the audience more than it showed Ryan’s
diversity. He didn’t take any guff for his song choice, but I’m not
sure why Duran Duran (which got Matt booted in Week 1) is less
appropriate than Depeche Mode. Ryan sang more angrily than ever.
Supernova dared not eliminate him for fear for their personal safety.

their deliberations, Gilby admitted that there was disagreement in the
band about who to cut. But there was no disagreement on who to keep. As
expected, Ryan was sent back to the group, leaving Jill and Josh in
front of the firing squad. Tommy said that he was taking the
competition to the next level, and he axed both of them.

thanked the band for the opportunity, although not as succinctly as how
I just wrote it. Josh admitted that he probably wasn’t right for the
band, even though he appreciated the chance to try out. And the
self-promotion from performing on TV didn’t hurt either.

Week 6: Performance Show

Gilby Clarke and Tommy Lee should’ve easily stolen the show with their special performances on this week’s Rock Star: Supernova. But, once again, that honor went to Zayra’s wardrobe. Her most mundane article of clothing was an enormous top hat.

show began with footage from the reality episode, with special emphasis
placed on the contestants’ reluctance to perform with Gilby. Dave
Navarro said that, if he could, he’d give Dilana the job right now just
because she was the only one who pursued the chance to perform with a

Dilana – “Won’t Get Fooled Again” by The Who
her hair back and makeup toned down, Dilana is a very pretty girl. That
won’t hurt her chances. Dilana did a fine job singing, but the song
arrangement plodded along. Gilby added some weak backing vocals,
prompting Supernova to eliminate him from the band. But the band was
impressed by Dilana, and Gilby said she had erased any doubts about
whether a woman could front the band.

Jill – “Mother Mother” by Tracy Bonham
song stinks, so it did Jill no favors. But she the made the most of her
hair extensions, swinging her head around like…well, like a girl
pretending to front a heavy metal band. Jason Newsted said that she
lost the power in her voice by running around like an idiot.

Ryan – “Paint It Black” by The Rolling Stones
upped the theatrics this week, sporting a hoodie with a horse mane on
the hood and wearing black eye makeup. Trying to make a Zayra-like
spectacle of the song, his ridiculous look distracted viewers from his
vocals. Honestly, I can’t remember how well (or poorly) he sang. When
Tommy called the performance “interesting,” Dave retorted, “That was
the shit and you know it!” Maybe it was great in person, but on TV the
performance looked stupid. However, like Zayra, Ryan gets credit for
mixing things up.

Storm – “We Are the Champions” by Queen
song has made plenty of competent singers look terrible, but Storm
totally held her own, turning out the best non-Freddie Mercury version
of the song I’ve heard. She’s gotten better with each week, and she’s
the only woman who poses a credible threat to Dilana. Tommy said that
he was afraid the band had spooked her from doing her crazy eyes, but
Storm promised to “spank the crap” out of Supernova next time. She then
laughed maniacally until the commercial break.

Zayra – “All the Young Dudes” by Mott the Hoople
crap. Wearing the tightest gold lame catsuit in the universe, Zayra
looked like a crazy carnival barker in a top hat and the tallest
platform heels I’ve ever seen. Her vocals were even pretty good, as
she’d rearranged the melody to display her voice to best advantage.
Magni was nice enough to accompany her on guitar.

Dave said that, if this were Rock Star: Planet Pluto,
Zayra would win for sure. The rest of the guys were a little skeptical
about her vocals, but she said he was happy with her performance. And
her outfit.

Josh – “Interstate Love Song” by Stone Temple Pilots
got a surprise when Tommy decided to play drums for the song. Josh
sounded fine, but he spent the entire song rocking from side to side
like a pendulum in front of his mic stand, as he played guitar. Tommy
said the guitar “froze up the funk.” Dave said that while Josh was
good, good might not be good enough at this point in the competition.

Magni – “The Dolphin’s Cry” by Live
is the lamest song in the history of rock n’ roll, but more on that
later. Magni shushed the crowd before playing a solo acoustic version
of the song. He sounded great, and his baby boy listened from the crowd
wearing an enormous pair of headphones. Gilby said Magni’s perseverance
while living apart from his family was an inspiration to everyone.

If you like this song, head butt the person next to you right now to
earn back some of your rock credibility. A song about sobbing cetaceans
is the kind of thing a 10-year-old girl would write if she could put
out an album. It would be a nice accompaniment to songs like, “(I Wanna
Go To) Piercing Pagoda,” “Pony Slumber Party,” and “You’re Not My Real

What’s even worse is that writing bad rock songs about
sappy social and environmental themes is hardly a new idea. White Lion
did it almost 20 years ago with songs like “When the Children Cry” and
“Little Fighter!” The only reason it was okay when they did it was
because it was the late ’80s and they had a Danish lead singer. Live
has no excuse.

Patrice – “Instant Karma” by John Lennon
something about Patrice that always feels a little anemic unless her
energy is cranked to eleven. This was another underwhelming
performance, made more awkward by her plastered-on cheerleader smile.
The band gave her a pass because they appreciated her song choice.

Lukas – “Creep” by Radiohead
Lukas can actually sing. And I even understood the words. This was the
right performance at the right time to save Lukas from falling out of
contention. Jason was especially pleased; this is what he’s wanted to
see from Lukas since the beginning.

Toby – “Burning Down the House” by Talking Heads
Toby didn’t try to do a David Byrne impression. His straight rock
version made me appreciate the song even more. He couldn’t resist the
lure of the of the megaphone, handed to him on stage by a cloaked
Zayra. To make the megaphone gimmick more interesting, he wrapped it in
an Australian flag and ended the song with the megaphone’s built-in siren effect. Dave told Toby that he was good enough without the props.

may want this more than anyone else. It’s just too bad he wasn’t on
last season, because there’s no way that INXS would’ve let him go. And
it’s nice to see Toby, Magni, and Zayra helping each other out. It’s
like all of the foreign exchange students hanging out together at

Early Bottom Three:

is the only other one who should be in any trouble, although Ryan could
wind up in the Bottom Three if his equine goth look wigged people out.

vote went to Storm. “We Are the Champions” is such a hard song to sing,
and she deserves tons of credit for doing it justice. But I’m guessing
the encore goes to Lukas.

Week 6: Reality Episode

The latest reality episode of Rock Star: Supernova showed that, while
she may not be the best lyricist, Dilana’s probably the smartest person
in the house. And only Ryan understands just how big a threat Dilana is.

day after Dana’s elimination, Gilby Clarke dropped by the mansion
bearing gifts: brand new Gibson guitars for the remaining ten rockers.
The guitars were to help them get started on the challenge he’d issued
during the elimination episode: each contestant must write lyrics and a
melody for a new Supernova track.

The track itself sounded like
a cross between “Takin’ Care of Business” and a slow-tempo “Once
Bitten, Twice Shy.” I’m surprised none of the contestants accidentally
wrote, “I got there in the nick of time, before he got his hand across
your state line, yeah.”

Even though they were given less than 24
hours to finish their challenge, almost all of the rockers finished the
task quickly. Storm wrote her lyrics while jogging, and the always laid
back Lukas wrote his lyrics and melody in 15 minutes.

That left
Lukas plenty of time to pester Ryan, the only one who had any real
trouble with the task. Used to writing music by himself, he struggled
to put lyrics and melody to someone else’s song. Lukas’ frequent
interruptions kept Ryan up until long after the other rockers had
partied and gone to bed.

But the hard work paid off, as Ryan’s
angsty lyrics impressed Supernova. Jason Newsted said that he’d like to
hear Ryan sing other Supernova tracks as “his voice cuts through the
music very well.”

Lukas’ first draft efforts also went over well
with the band, and Tommy Lee was said that Lukas “really gets it.” No
one was more impressed with Lukas’ song than Lukas: “It was dirty and
sexy, like myself.”

Of course it was impossible to verify Lukas’ claims about the song, since he garbled his lyrics, as usual.

big losers in the task were Jill (no surprise) and Dilana (big
surprise). Once again, Jill oversang and left the band shaking their
heads. The fact that she hasn’t toned things down like they’ve asked
her to makes her the top candidate for elimination this week.

problem was that her lyrics were just silly: “And if your trains on
time you can get to work by nine, and start your slaving job to get
your pay.” Actually, she wrote a song about a pool party, mentioning
tanning lotion, wine, and a thong. At one point, she even sang the word

Footage was shown of Storm and Toby performing their
lyrics, but that was it. Since Zayra didn’t make the final edit, I can
only assume that she was competent; if she would’ve been embarassingly
bad, the editors surely would’ve included footage of her.

real question is: if Zayra did especially well, would they show the
audience, or just let us keep assuming that she’s horrible?

in the day, as promised this past week, Magni’s wife and son visited
the mansion. Mini-Magni might be the happiest baby in the world. He
didn’t even scream when he saw Lukas. And Magni was so pleased to see
them that he even let baby play with his very expensive new guitar.

next day, Dilana found this week’s songs and brought them to the dining
room. She asked if anyone else wanted to perform The Who song “Won’t
Get Fooled Again,” accompanied by Gilby. No one else wanted it. Dilana
took song for herself, and later said of her competitors, “What idiots!”

fully agreed with her. “This isn’t a house of brilliant strategists,”
he said. “This is a house of musicians.” He wasn’t surprised that he
was the only one to realize that Dilana could steal Tuesday night’s
show, and possibly the whole contest, with a good performance alongside

In her second genius move of the day, Dilana convinced
Lukas to sing Radiohead’s “Creep” as a way of showing his vocal range.
The flip side of that is, if Lukas can’t sing “Creep,” it will prove to
Supernova that all he can do is his mumbly growl, leaving one fewer
competitor between Dilana and the prize.

Next week, she’ll try to convince Ryan to sing “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” and Toby to do anything by Hilary Duff.

wasn’t much footage of House Band rehearsal in this week’s webisode,
although Dilana did warn Gilby that she planned to pull a Jill and
grind on him during their performance Tuesday night. But we did get to
see what the House Band does when not in rehearsal.

Several of
the guys challenged the male rockers to a game of basketball. As we saw
in last week’s reality episode, Ryan, Toby, and Lukas are possibly the
world’s worst basketball players. And they haven’t improved any since
last week.

Team House Band made shot after shot, while the
rockers through up brick after brick. The guys in the House Band
celebrated their victory by giggling their way through a series of
awkward chest bumps.

If the rockers ever manage to beat the House Band, it’ll be a bigger comeback story than “Hoosiers.”

DwtS Offseason Update: 8-4-06

Emmy Clarification
The award for Choreography, a category in which Cheryl Burke, Nick Kosovich, and Tony Dovolani are all nominated, will be presented at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards on Saturday, August 19. That presentation will be televised on E!, and it’s a safe bet that the winner in that category will also appear at the Primetime Emmy Awards on August 27.

Cheryl in Pittsburgh on August 5
Cheryl is one of the celebrity judges who’ll help determine the best dancer at Let’s Dance Pittsburgh. Try-outs start at 10 a.m., with a final competition at 8 p.m.

New for Fall
ABC will air the upcoming season of DWTS in Spanish as well as English. And Tatum O’Neal landed the lead role in the new soap, Art of Betrayal, to air on MyNetTV.

Week 5: Elimination Show

Despite wearing combat boots and getting a tattoo, Dana was deemed too
young and sweet to front Supernova. It’s too bad that her tattoo was a
picture of Tommy Lee’s face on her ass. No, that’s my tattoo.

Brooke recapped last night’s Rock Star, Lukas was singled out for forgetting
his lyrics. He felt he deserved a spot in the bottom three and was
prepared to fight for his right to stay in the competition.

showed off her new tattoo at the elimination show: a treble clef on her
hip. And Magni proposed that the members of Supernova relocate to
Iceland if they pick him.

Ryan was awarded the encore for
“Losing My Religion,” accepting the honor with humility. That brings
the number of Ryan’s distinct emotions to two — humble and pissed off.

announced that Jill, Zayra, Toby, Patrice, and Dana all spent time in
the bottom three during the course of overnight voting. When Zayra’s
name was called, she yelled, “I knew it!” The final bottom three
comprised the following:

Jill – “Alone” by Heart
got off to a bad start by walking away from Gilby as he tried to speak
with her before her performance. But she redeemed herself in my eyes
and Gilby’s by picking a Heart song. While she still needs to work on
reining in some of her vocal power, she did a great job with a song
that totally suited her.

And Jill was only slightly overshadowed
by Jim the guitarist, who defied all laws of nature by singing Nancy
Wilson’s incredibily high-pitched backing vocals.

introducing the last two members of the bottom three, Brooke Burke
asked the remaining candidates to raise their hands if they skipped
pre-show rehearsal with the House Band. Dana and Toby raised their
hands. Appropriately, the next name Brooke called was Dana’s.

Dana – “House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals
extra rehearsal wouldn’t have kept Dana from having to scoop up to
every note. I’ll throw out a tip from my high school Madrigal director:
when you’re flat on a note, smile. Seriously, it works. Dana’s
obviously had vocal training, but she doesn’t know how to adapt it to
rock n’ roll. When she scowls, she scoops.

Patrice – “Eternal Life” by Jeff Buckley
her trip to the bottom three last week, Patrice has performed every
song like it was her last. Yet, with as much effort as she’s putting
out, there’s obviously something about her that’s not resonating with
the home audience. At this point, the best she can hope for is to do
her best for the fans she already has, ’cause she hasn’t picked up any
new ones.

Gilby gave the surviving contestants an assignment for
the week: individually, write a melody and lyrics for a new Supernova
track. As for the performances he’d just witnessed, he told Jill that
she’d saved herself with tonight’s performance. He was still
disappointed in Patrice for disappearing in front of Tommy last night,
but Dana was given the boot.

Supernova said that she still had a
way to go before she could front a band like theirs. Dana agreed, and
admitted that she was just happy that she got to meet the guys in
Supernova. They’re just like her dad, except that they’re not going to
ground her for getting that tattoo.

Week 5: Performance Show

Five weeks into Rock Star: Supernova, and the cream is starting to rise
to the top. But some weak performances this week may lead fans to
question just how creamy Lukas and Toby really are.

Patrice – “Higher Ground” by Stevie Wonder (a la Red Hot Chili Peppers)
mohawk was cool, but Patrice’s voice just didn’t carry the song and was
lost in a weird echo effect. And by spending so much time on the drum
riser of guest performer Tommy Lee, she unintentionally drew attention
to how comparitively uncool she is. Dave said that eight of the
remaining rockers would “literally disappear” when playing in front of
Tommy, hinting that Patrice was one of them. She would’ve been better
off humping him.

Josh – “Santeria” by Sublime
came in too early at the start of the song, and it didn’t get better
after that. His vocals sounded exactly like the original, minus any of
the malice behind the lyrics. He took his suckiness to the next level
by beat boxing, but for some reason Supernova just ignored it and
called him soulful.

Dilana – “Can’t Get Enough” by Bad Company
out all in leather like the world’s first slender, good-looking biker
chick, Dilana strode through the crowd, right onto Supernova’s stage
and started singing. Then she rode her boyfriend’s shoulders back to
the main stage to end the song. How do you follow that?

Toby – “Pennyroyal Tea” by Nirvana
all Nirvana songs are created equal. This subdued song did nothing to
help Toby, and his growling didn’t help the song. Then he ended the
song by going into the audience and hugging on some girl. Apart from
Dave pointing out that it was a little anticlimactic to go into the
audience just after Dilana did, the band seemed okay with his

Zayra – ” 867-5309 (Jenny)” by Tommy Tutone
the first time ever, “867-5309” was performed by someone wearing a cape
and a leopard-print leotard. Zayra’s outfit and punk song arrangement
turned her performance into a weird goth-art version of an 80s song.
She’s the kind of opening act at a club that you tell all of your
friends about the next day and later drag them to see.

said, “I’m gonna need a few minutes to process what I just saw,” and a
chuckling Brooke sent the show to commercial. When they returned, Dave
said that Zayra’s still here because she does something different each
week. Gilby warned that, if they eventually do pick her, he’s not
wearing leopard pants to match her.

Magni – “Clocks” by Coldplay
song sounds a lot like a Sigur Ros song, so it was only appropriate
that another Icelander sing it. Magni is the only guy who truly looks
like a rock star when he performs. He’s totally at home on stage. He
might as well be in his living room. Jason Newsted said that Magni sets
the bar for the other participants. In appreciation for missing his
son’s first steps to be on the show, Tommy said that Supernova will fly
his family to California to watch him perform. Magni thanked them and
said he needed to go cry.

Jill – “Don’t You Forget About Me” by Simple Minds
ears are bleeding! Jill screamed the whole song, and the results were
painful in a physical and psychological way. In the understatement of
the evening, Dave said, “That was really not that good.” And for the
second week in a row, Jill’s performance made Gilby uncomfortable.
Based on this performance alone, Jill should be eliminated next.

Ryan – “Losing My Religion” by R.E.M.
Ryan was so pissed this week that he wouldn’t let anyone but Paul from
the House Band perform with him. He played this song sitting at a grand
piano and dropped everyone’s jaws with a monstrous, cathartic scream.
Dave described the performance as “phenomenal.” Tommy said that he’s
already written a Supernova track for piano that he can imagine Ryan
singing. This should earn Ryan an encore tomorrow night.

Lukas – “Celebrity Skin” by Hole
Ryan’s powerful performance, Lukas looked and sounded ridiculous. He
sang most of the song with his back to the audience, later admitting
that he was uncomfortable because he didn’t know the lyrics. It was
pretty much abysmal, and the band let him know it.

Storm – “Changes” by David Bowie
performed an understated, vulnerable version of the song, minus her
usual crazy eyes. Following her bombastic performance last week, Storm
showed great emotional range. It was excellent and the band encouraged
her to keep up with her new classy, subtle style.

Dana – “Baba O’Reilly” by The Who
best thing I can say about Dana’s performance is that Nate the drummer
is a total stud. As for the singing, Dana’s vocals were flat, and she
had trouble staying on pitch. Frankly it’s hard to take her seriously
as the angry, rebellious teen, although she said she was getting a
tattoo the next day. Supernova was complimentary in the way your
grandmother would compliment your talent show performance.

Early Bottom Three:

Josh, and Lukas could all fall into the bottom three at some point, and
it’s unlikely that all of Toby’s fans will let him stay at the bottom
for long.

My goddamn vote went to Ryan. His anger is infectious.